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Telegraph & Argus (Bradford) doesn't say that the sex-groomers were Muslims


Rochdale sex gang via Telegraph
Rochdale sex gang via Telegraph

Yet again Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus doesn’t even use the word ‘Asians’ in two of its most recent articles on Muslim sexual-grooming gangs in Bradford and Keighley.

 It doesn’t mention Pakistanis either.

And it certainly doesn’t mention Muslims.

And these articles have been published only a week or so after the Rotherham case hit the fan. That is, after councillors, police, social workers and MPs – or at least some of them – have partially come clean on the Muslim (or at least the Pakistani) nature of this epidemic.

(Here are the two T & A pieces: ‘Up to 100 children at risk of sexual grooming’  and ’28 men arrested in Keighley grooming gang probe’.)

But firstly a few words about Bradford itself.


A demonstration in Bradford against the film about Muhammad.

Bradford is in the north of England (in the county of Yorkshire). It has one of the largest Muslim populations – proportionate to the overall population – in the UK. It comes out as just behind London’s Tower Hamlets (at 34%) and roughly equal to Oldham (at 26%).

However, people should be careful with the statistics which are often offered up on Muslim demographics. When the political statisticians aren’t fusing Muslims with ‘Asians’, there’s also the problem with fusing Bradford (the city) with Bradford Metropolitan Council. The latter includes many surrounding towns, such as Ilkley, Bingley, Silsden, Keighley, Baildon, etc.; all of which (except Keighley) have very small Muslim populations. Indeed Ilkley has a virtually zero Muslim population; that’s if you exclude the taxi drivers and the people who work in the curry houses. (Perhaps that’s why Ilkley is full of Leftists and Left-liberals who are keen fans of multiculturalism, Islam and Muslims.)

The figure that’s often offered for the Muslim population of Bradford is around 26%. Now that’s for Bradford city. If it’s of Bradford Met as a whole, then the percentage is 16%.



Other regional newspapers in England have finally started using the ‘P’-word (‘Pakistanis’), if not the ‘M’-word (‘Muslim’). At one point – up until around 2010 – these newspapers didn’t even use the word ‘Asian’. And since the Rotherham case, the word ‘Pakistanis’ is now being used – at least for now and for some newspapers. The next step, of course, is to use the word ‘Muslim’. After all, the groomers in Blackpool, etc. included Kurdish and north African Muslims. And in Malmö, Oslo, etc. hardly any of the Muslim groomers are Pakistani or ‘Asian’.

Even Slavoj Žižek the well-known Marxist philosopher (writing in The Guardian the other day), criticised the use of the word ‘Asian’ when referring to Muslims. However, in that same article he spent more time on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church (something that newspaper has often featured) and “white male rapists” in Canada than he did on Islam and Pakistani grooming-gangs. In other words, The Guardian and Leftists generally have now realised that they now have to whitewash the reality of Islam and Muslim grooming-gangs in an even more subtle and sly way.

As many people have said, once the noise quietens down about Rotherham and its massive problem with Muslim sexual-grooming gangs, it will be back to normal. That is, back to ignoring the fact that this is overwhelmingly a Muslim problem. In fact, as far as the Telegraph & Argus is concerned, it’s back to normal only a week after the Rotherham scandal.

The situation is simple.

If the T & A, the police, MPs, social workers, councillors, etc. don’t recognise what’s at the heart of this problem – Islam and Muslims, then the problem simply won’t be solved. Willed ignorance and ideological correctness will carry on stopping it from being solved.

The truth is just too heavy for these people to handle. And that truth is that Islam has had an unbroken history of sexual slavery. Therefore many Muslims don’t think the sexual abuse of young kuffar girls is either a sin or a crime.

Finally and ironically, Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus is so Islamophile that it doesn’t have a single Muslim journalist on its staff. The word on the street is that the majority of Bradford’s Muslims simply don’t read it. Perhaps they are too busy reading the Koran, Al Jazeera and grooming manuals.

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