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Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) spin on Rotherham’s sex grooming-gangs

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The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), a Muslim Brotherhood organisation, is basically the British version of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); though with nowhere near as much political power (as of yet). This article, ‘Sharia: the Threat to America‘ reveals a bit about the MCB.

Just like CAIR, the MCB is all suits, ties and trimmed beards and none of that Arab-clothing-&-long-beards stuff you’ll find with Anjem Choudary and his ilk. While striking a western pose, CAIR and the MCB still genuinely want to Islamise the West. Anjem Choudary and his photo-shy mates, on the other hand, seem more concerned about getting on the front page of the Daily Mail.

For some insight into the MCB mentality, read this article regarding accusations that the Islamic Forum Europe infiltrated the local Labour party in the London borough of Tower Hamlets. It was written by MCB spokesman Inayat Bunglawala and posted on the “Muslim Brotherhood’s official English website”.

Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain. In 1997, the British Labour Party helped fund and create the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). Later, it cut ties with the organisation, only to reinstate them later.

Not Islam

As reported at the Brenner Brief, the latest enquiry into Muslim sexual-grooming gangs in Rotherham by Professor Alexis Jay confirmed that fear of being called racist empowered mostly Pakistani Muslims to sexually exploit “at least 1,400 children”.

In response to the report, the MCB is pointing the finger away from the Muslim community and toward, well, kuffar.

What would you expect?

The MCB did exactly the same thing in the recent case of the Islamisation of British schools, as well as in the case of Islamic terrorism and much else.

Here’s how the MCB points the finger towards “unbelievers”:

Firstly, it says that

"…there was a general disconnect between communities and the authorities, with some communities needing to address parenting and the generation divide."

The MCB is claiming that there is a “disconnect” between the Muslim community and the police, the council and whatnot. And the police, etc. are to blame for that disconnection.

And then there’s an explicit criticism of the young victims and their parents – not the Muslim abusers. That is, non-Muslims need to address their “parenting” skills. It’s because non-Muslim parents are bad parents that this situation arose, according to the MCB. In other words, non-Muslim parents are to blame for not bringing their children up like good Muslims.

(It has been pointed out to me that the MCB may referring to the parenting skills of fellow Muslims. I doubt that very much. Since some of Rotherham's councillors and police are even on record of blaming the victims' parents, my bet is that this is exactly what the MCB is referring to. In fact many of the parents of the Muslim groomers will be strict Muslims and won't know what their sons are doing. Either that, or they do know what they're doing and don't think that it's wrong.)

In the end, then, “the causes” and “the context” of these crimes lie outside the Muslim community, not within it!

Even though all this is dressed up in polite and diplomatic language, what the MCB is saying is utterly disgusting. Indeed with attitudes like this the situation can only get worse.

The MCB also appears to contradict itself. It says in one place that “[r]ace and religion shouldn’t not be an inhibition to investigating a crime”. Then elsewhere it says:

"The key point that we come back to is that looking at race and ethnicity and culture is a red herring."

Fair enough, that may not be a direct contradiction because the MCB may simply be saying that although the authorities shouldn’t let the “race and religion” of the criminals inhibit their investigations; they should still be careful. Nonetheless, the MCB does say that “looking at race and ethnicity and culture is a red a red herring”.

That’s an incredibly extreme statement and blatantly false. Of course religion, ethnicity and culture are important factors in the sexual grooming of young non-Muslim girls by Muslim men – as they are in almost all areas of social reality (as Leftists sociologists will tell you – though perhaps not in this context). Indeed if you take away – as the MCB suggests – the nature of Islam, the fact that all the culprits are Muslim and Pakistani culture – what’s left to investigate?

So you know that when the MCB says “culture” it means Islam. And when it says “race and ethnicity” it means Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims. In addition, when the MCB says that “[w]e must not pre-empt it by saying that we are looking at specific factors”, it means that we must not pre-empt it by saying that we are looking at the behaviour of Pakistani Muslims. In other words, the MCB is defending the tribe (the tribe of Sunni Muslims) to which it belongs. And when it’s put that way, you wouldn’t really expect anything else.

What it’s all really about

Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, also makes various comments on the Muslim sexual-grooming case in Rotherham.

He says that it’s all about “gang culture”.

No it’s not!

Apart from the fact that the age range of the abusers goes from 16 to 60, not all the abusers belonged to a “gang culture” (by any definition of those words). Many wouldn’t have involved themselves in violence or with drug-pushing. In other words, many Muslims were involved simply for the sexual exploitation of non-Muslim girls. I would say that only a small minority of these Muslim abusers (mainly the younger ones) would have also be involved with “money laundering, drugs, guns” (as Shafi puts it).

Mr Shafi also says that “[c]riminals reject the teachings of all teachings”.

Except that religions don’t – or shouldn’t – make laws and determine who is or who isn’t a criminal (though this isn’t the case with Islam.) Religions tell us what is right and wrong: not necessarily what is criminal. In this instance, Islam doesn’t deem these acts - the sexual grooming of kuffar girls – to be wrong. British law does – or at least it should have.

In addition, Boko Haram (in Nigeria), al-Shabab (in Somalia) and the Islamic State (IS) prove that these activities do not go against “all religions”. More specifically, they don’t go against the life of Muhammad, the teachings of the Koran and Islamic history. And neither do they go against what’s happening in the Muslim world today. So it’s simply false (i.e., a lie) for the Muslim Council of Britain to claim otherwise.

The MCB’s Website


And now just a few final words on the Muslim Council of Britain’s “revamped” website.

The MCB’s website is specifically aimed at non-Muslims!


It’s what the MCB wants us to read about itself (this is true of the CAIR website too.)
The MCB knows that its pronouncements and articles are being monitored by non-Muslims. They know that journalists and others now have their eyes on the ball.

Thus all the controversial stuff has been erased. That’s why there’s hardly anything at all on the new website. It’s virtually empty – even after a few months. These Islamists could have easily included some of the old stuff; though much of that was controversial (to non-Muslims, not to the MCB). Thus the MCB website was scrubbed clean and all the Islamist and extremist articles and features have been erased.

Hence the pseudo-patriotic images on the header and elsewhere: it’s all for non-Muslim consumption.

All the MCB’s hard-core Islamist conversations will now be taking place elsewhere.

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