Thursday, 7 August 2014

Baroness Warsi's threats about Islamic extremism


Baroness Warsi has just warned the British that support for Israel could encourage extremism in the UK.

That's a classic piece of Muslim deceit. It's also blatant and outrageous blackmail!

Sayeeda Husain Warsi is saying:

Do what we Muslims demand, or there'll be violence and terrorism.

Muslims (including the MCB and Salma Yaqoob) have recently said exactly the same thing about the Trojan Horse investigations. Before that, they said it about taking action against Muslim terrorists in Birmingham; investigations into Muslim grooming gangs up and down the UK; and not banning the Danish cartoons, the EDL and Gert Wilders.

It seems that it doesn't take much to make Muslims extreme. And the threat of extremism - and indeed of Islamic terrorism - is something Muslims always use to get exactly what they want. Just like Hamas really.

The problem is, Muslim terrorism, violence and threats often work. Again, think of Hamas and how through engineering the deaths of their own people they brought about those inevitable pious and hypocritical demos in the West.

When are the gullible kuffar going to get it into their thick heads that violence is the first resort of many Muslims? Violence is an essential part of Islam. Muslims express their Islamic identity through violence. That's how millions of Muslims show (to themselves and other Muslims) that they are "good Muslims". Hence the endless Muslim victimhood: that perfect rationale for Islamic violence.

Why don't the gullible interfaithers and liberal Islamophiles look in their history books? Why don't they see what's happening in the world today? Why don't they see what's happening to Christians in Iraq, Syria and Warsi's own Pakistan at this very moment in time?

Today Warsi threatens Muslim "extremism" over Israel. Yesterday Islamic/Muslim extremism was said to be a result - not the cause! - of the Trojan Horse investigations. Tomorrow in will may have something to do with not allowing prayer rooms in the workplace or not banning counter-jihadist groups.

This is going to go on, and on, and on....

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