Thursday, 12 June 2014

UK Charity Commission exposes extreme Islamic charity

A leading British Islamic charity is currently being investigated for its Jew-hatred and for proselytising for adulterers to be stoned to death.

More specifically, the UK Charity Commission has begun an inquiry into the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), which is based in London.

The Charity Commission has designated the problems as “regulatory issues”.

For example, the founder of the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), a convert (or should I say ‘revert’?) by the name of Abdur Raheem Green, was caught on camera (at London’s well-known Hyde Park Corner) calling for a Jewish man to be removed from his sight. At the time, Abdur Raheem Green said:
“Why don’t you take the Yahoudi [Jew] over there far away so his stench doesn’t disturb us?”
The iERA has also said that female (not male) adulterers should be punished with a “slow and painful death by stoning”.

IERA claims to have links with non-Islamic British charities, including Age UK. One of its advisers is also the controversial Dr Zakir Naik, who was once banned from entering the UK by the British Home Secretary, Theresa May. (Dr Naik has said that “all Muslims should become terrorists” and defended stoning, Jew-hatred, etc.)

The Charity Commission itself explained its investigation in the following way:
“The inquiry is examining the decision making of the trustee body, specifically its due diligence and monitoring of speakers, various payments to trustees and a former trustee, and its relationship with the connected company, Islamic Education and Research Academy Limited.”
Maryam Namazie, who’s a well-known activist against Muslim extremism and leader of the Council of ex-Muslims (CEMB), told a British newspaper that
“the Islamist far-right should not be granted charitable status, but instead classified as a hate group perpetrating hate against gay people, ex-Muslims, women, Jews, non-Muslims and the majority of Muslims who do not subscribe to their values”.

The lesson to be learned here is that we should be careful when hearing Muslims use the word “charity”; just as we should be when Muslims use the words “peace”, “rights”, “freedom”, “justice”, etc. They tend to mean something which most Americans and Westerners certainly don’t mean.

In the case of charity, anything which contributes to Islam and its advance is designated as “charity” by many Muslims. That can include raising money for Islamic terrorist groups (or “freedom fighters”, as Muslims sometimes call them), funding Islamist political parties and so on.

Here is the UK, for example, an Islamic group (Muslim Aid) was prosecuted for raising £13,500 (in 2012) from mainly non-Muslim shoppers in the city-center streets of Birmingham. The money they raised ended up in the hands of al-Qaeda. And in the US, CAIR has a history (or at least some of its leaders have) of raising money for Hamas and other such groups.

In other words, Islamic/Muslim charities have hardly anything to do with alleviating hardship or helping the disadvantaged. The other thing to remember is that Muslims only ever collect money for other Muslims or for Islamic causes. (Even charities designated as“Christian charities” don’t help only Christians.) That’s why you never see Muslim charities involved with “infidel” disasters but always see them when, say, Muslim Pakistanis are flooded or when, as today, (Sunni) Muslims in Syria need help.

Not only that: Islamic scholars have frequently argued that Muslim charities should fund, at least in part, various Islamic terrorist groups.

The message here, I suppose, is to never give anything to any Muslim charity – no matter what it says the money is for. Your money could end up funding al-Qaeda or Hamas.

What has been said about Muslim charities can also be said about ‘Islamic centers’, which the Birmingham Muslims mentioned above were planning to set up as a front for terrorist recruitment. So beware Islamic centers too!

Actually, beware mosques, which are often the places where collections for terrorists are made; probably also in the guise of ‘charity’. They are also the places in which many Muslims are first instilled with the Islamic virtue of violent jihad.