Thursday, 29 May 2014

Why I'm Against Islam...

“I do not care one bit if you like islam or not. If you don't like islam, fine. Then don't become a muslim. That's not a problem. What I do have a problem with is you saying stupid shit like "Islam is nazi" based on unfounded ideas that you have decided upon after reading the koran, noticed that there are parts about jihad in there, and after talking to a few of the muslims that hate everyone else. That's like saying christianity is all about racism and war after talking to a few Ku Klux Klan members and reading the parts of the bible that are about
death and violence.”

"If you don’t like Islam, don’t become a Muslim"? Is that like: If you don’t like the KKK or the Nazi Party, don’t become a member? Otherwise all will be fine?

I never said that "Islam is Nazi". That’s just what you need to say I believe in order to defeat your ‘racist’ opponents. I gave examples of the Nazis as having millions upon millions of ‘supporters’ – but so what. If gave the example of ‘nice’ Nazis. But so what. However, I do think that there is a lot of similarities between Nazism and Islam:

1) anti-Semitism
2) totalitarianism
3) medievalism
4) anti-homosexuality
5) militaristic
6) intolerant
7) imperialistic
8) Unthinking loyalty to Allah or the leader. And so on...

Check out Hitler’s friend, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. He helped Hitler plan the Holocaust, amongst many other things.

" This is about you calling the second biggest religion in the world 'Nazi' because you don't like it. Yes, islam is the second biggest religion in the world, and at the current rate it's the fastest growing religion as well. Yet you seem to somehow conclude that all these people are all clueless because *you* don't like it.”

I didn’t know that the truth rested on numbers. The "world’s second biggest religion" - therefore it must be true or right? But it contradicts the biggest religion, which must be truer and righter because the numbers are higher. How many people believed the earth was flat in the Dark Ages and before? Virtually everyone. So what!

I don’t think it is as simple as my "not liking Islam". You are right. I don’t like it. But there are a thousand reasons why I don’t like it:

Sharia law,
Islamic Jew-hatred
Islamic imperialism,
Islamic slavery,
death for apostasy,
the Twin Towers,
the London and Madrid bombings,
the killing of the south Thais,
the Christian exodus from Iraq,
burning down churches in Pakistan,
the destruction of the Buddhist temples in Afghanistan,
the drug-jihad in the UK, the Muslim street gangs in the UK,
the pimping of ‘infidel whores’ in the UK………. Get my point?

Your problem is that you are full of your own pious attitude towards Islam. You are like the Puritans of old.
I am more of an Islamophile than you. I embrace more diversity than you! I love Muslims and brown people more than you do.

I think your bigoted and unthinking embracing of Islam in total has more do with your self-regard and your own politically-correct piety than has to do with any genuine love of Islam. You are just like the members of the Socialist Workers Party here in the UK. They don’t love Islam. But they think that they can use Muslims politically. Also, the more they love Islam the more they fit into Leftist or politically-correct fashion. The problem with them, and you, is that one day it may happen that you will wake up to sharia law and see that it is no different from ‘multicultural diversity’. More than that: one day a Muslim may kill you for being an atheist. It has happened a million and more times before. I know that Canada and Sweden, especially Canada, are already going in that direction.

Good look and goodbye. I am wasting my time on suicidal and pious people like yourself.

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