Monday, 5 May 2014

UK Pubs are Fair Game for British Muslim Terrorists

 First posted: 2 February 2012

Yesterday, four Islamists admitted to plotting a bomb attack on the London Stock Exchange.

The Stock Exchange was not the only target contemplated by this group. The other targets were many and varied. A hand-written list of targets was found at one of the defendant’s homes. On that list was the names and addresses of Boris Johnson, two rabbis, the American Embassy, along with the Stock Exchange.

Above and beyond this list, it was also the case that the police spotted two of the potential terrorists staking out the Houses of Parliaments and even the London Eye.

They planned to carry out this attack on the Stock Exchange in the pre-Christmas period of 2010. They planned to use five mail bombs on the London target.

These Islamoterrorists seem to have been from all over the place - not just the usual suspect towns and cities of Birmingham, London and Luton. This time they were also from Stoke and Cardiff. This basically means that it was possible that the people of Stoke and Cardiff could have been the victims of a successful attack by these Muslims. And it was the ordinary people of Cardiff and Stoke, not the Government or even councillors or the police, that would have been hurt or killed. That is, these loons were planning to leave various home-made devices in the toilets of Stoke’s various pubs.

One important fact about this case is that all these potential killers met each other because they were all members of various Islamic groups. These Islamic groups were, and still are, part of the ‘conveyor belt’ towards Islamoterrorism; despite the many denials from Muslims, Leftists and revolution-through-rights-activism groups (like Liberty) that there is such a thing.

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