Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Facebook Muslims: "Why we hate the kuffar."

Tanzeel Dawar:  … they know nothing about Islam,they speak only one languge...
no we were not arguing with them, infact just replying them and exposing them what islam is and what it stands for i dont intend to preach them as they wont understand anyway take it easy, nobody takes them seriously so i advice you not to loose your cool over what they say , or better just stay away from their pages

Tammy-lee Harvey:  … it is best not to argue with this lot, they have evil hearts and are a lost cause.

Gulsher Sardar:  you,re right Tammy and yea bro i get you tanzil just avoid them , stay away from their pages.... theres nothing we can do about that…  and you(kuffar as you said) guys ran away…

Tammy-lee Harvey:  Gulsher, they would not know respect if it hit them in the face. their hearts are filled with hate and there is no helping them

Gulsher Sardar: then it would hit them in the face they are so dumb you,re right Tammy-lee Harvey

Tammy-lee Harvey:  Gulsher, many of them (all of them) disrespect Islam as they do not know about our religion, they will not take the time to research Islam. they in turn disrespect Muslims. maybe 1 day they will do research and realize the truth and only then they will respect Islam and Muslims…

Nausherwan Parsi: @tammy_lee Harvey: some of them do know about islam but they opt to go against it despite knowing the truth, they hate to accept it but you,re right majority of them are dumb and they know nothing about islam and muslims other then the stereotypes they are fed by the media you,re on the right path Tammy dont worry we,re all with you, these twats can do nothing but bark, they dont even have the balls to look cross at you let alone harming ya,

Gulsher Sardar: Tammy-lee Harvey i know , but thats no excuse, these people disgust me and yes they are so wrong, they dont know anything about islam… she only knew the truth after she understood what you Morons stand for … good thats like a SOn of a gun bastard

Tammy-lee Harvey:  as was said above, i was a mole the entire time. question answered? if i wish to convert it has nothing to do with you lot. it is my life. my kids have a muslim father, and what is your problem with this?

Gulsher Sardar: me too they dont have any logic so lets not waste our time... you need to get a life

lsher Sardar: yea a stupid cant cure stupid

Gulsher Sardar: … its useless debating with them…   good job Tammy let the poor dumb bastards whine, who cares these folks are taken as a joke by everyone, no one gives a shit to what they say or think

Tammy-lee Harvey:  all they do is whine. they dont want to know the truth that is why they disrespect Islam.

Gulsher Sardar: they dont want to accept the reality, its useless debating with them or trying to convince them, all they do is to say the same things over & over again kindly dont waste your time arguing with these morons


One thing is obvious. There's no point in 'debating' with most Muslims because there never is any real debate. That's got nothing to do with non-Muslims disagreeing with Muslims. It's because there is no true - or any kind! - of debate. Islam does not allow them to debate. Their culture and environment does not allow them to genuinely debate.

There is an exception to this. Counter-jihadists should never turn down an opportunity to debate with Muslims in public. That public debate will show people, the people who aren't sure about Islam, the true nature of Islam and what it does to the Muslim mind. Then again, Muslims agree with this stance too. They only ever debate with non-Muslims when it is in public - on the BBC or whatever. If it's not public, and therefore not to their advantage, they will never debate with non-Muslims. Even at Church of Interfaith 'meetings' the movement is all one way: Muslims proselytising to Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc. They will never allow any debate about Islam at a C of I meeting. They are there solely to sell Islam to the kuffar.

The other ironic thing is that these Muslims came on this Facebook page ostensibly to show non-Muslims that they were decent and tolerant people - not haters of non-Muslims. They were there to offer us the Church of Interfaith version of Islam and Muslims. They failed big time. They may be decent people outside of Islam. But when they were being Muslims; they displayed all the traits they otherwise deny: intolerance, intense hatred of the kuffar, the self-serving notion that all criticism of Islam is either a result of 'ignorance' or an example of mere 'mockery'.

Muslims cannot reject or even criticise Islam. If they do in Muslim countries they are killed or imprisoned. If they do so in the UK, they are ostracised from their community. In any case, less educated Muslims tie Islam to their identity and community; even if they have never analysed Islam a single time in their entire lives. To criticise, let alone reject, Islam is to reject their family, friends, community and identity. 

All this shows us, unequivocally, the there can never be true debate with Muslims. Not because non-Muslims don't want to debate: because Muslims (as Muslims) are culturally, morally and cognitively incapable of debating their religion; not only with the kuffar but even with their fellow Muslims.

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