Thursday, 29 May 2014

Blame Islam, Not Muslims

“My religion is perfect! But I am not..... I make a mistakes, blame it on me, not my religion.”

Why shouldn't a/the religion take responsibility for this man's vices and crimes (see image above)? Religions, not just Islam, utterly shape people's personalities - from childhood ‘til death. Indeed isn't that what Muslims themselves claim about Islam? Isn't that total control and that total transformation of character what Muslims say makes Islam better than all other religions?

This sounds like an individual’s version of that old lie. The lie that any Muslim - or any group of Muslims - who does anything which that non-Muslims see as being wrong or bad, then this is about these individual Muslims and it has nothing to do with Islam itself. Only positives things can be done on behalf of Islam, nothing negative. This is a definitional point which Muslims make about fellow Muslims and their relation to Islam. It's now also a point that many non-Muslims make in defence of Islam.

All this is prize bullshit. For a start, all the bombs, honour-killings, kuffar-groomings, kuffar-rapes, forced conversions, etc. are done because of Islam not because the people who do these things are doing them in spite of Islam. All the ammunition you will ever need for every contemporary Islamic crime and vice can be found in the Koran and in other Islamic religious texts.

Of course it's only Western Muslims who push the taqiyya get-out clause that the bombs, killings, stonings, etc. are only what Bad Muslims do and that these crimes and vices shouldn't be blamed on Islam itself. But our own (pseudo) Moderate Muslims don't really believe that. Because they haven't got the numbers and political power here in the West, they must pretend to be against these Islamic crimes and vices. If they didn't do this, then that would be massively counter-productive for the Islamic cause.

For example, to publicly justify Islamoterrorism (although Moderate Muslims always come very near to doing so), female genital mutilation, etc. in the West would be a suicidal move on the part of these - and perhaps all - Muslims. Instead they allow a few official "extremists", such as Anjem Choudary, to take all the flack even though they basically agree with much of what it is they say.

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