Thursday, 3 April 2014

“There is no Islamisation of the UK”

The following is a list (after the dotted line) of just some of the articles British national newspapers have published over the last year.

These many articles below (with links) may seem to contradict the claim that the press or media largely ignores Islam and the behaviour of Muslims (as Muslims). Not so. Despite the wealth of information on Islamic crimes and the Islamisation of the UK, only around 1% (less than a handful) of these articles and news pieces make any connection whatsoever between Islam itself and what it is all these journalists are reporting on. In fact there isn't a single article which explicitly does so.

This isn't a surprise. If a writer, or especially an investigative journalist, chose to focus on the clear and obvious relation between Islam itself all all these crimes and misdemeanors, he would probably risk or even loose his job. And if that's true of investigative journalists, think of how much truer it is of politicians, councilors, regional journalists, etc. Even Andrew Gilligan of the Telegraph, as far as I know, has never made any explicit connections between Islam itself and all the Muslim-related issues he's reported on over the last ten years or so. (As an investigative journalist, I don't suppose it's his job to join the dots between the many things he's reported on and Islam itself.)

What we have, instead, is the absurd situation of many non-Muslims pontificating on the fact that all these jihadists, groomers, imams, “radicals”, etc. are “distorters” or “misinterpreters of Islam”. These are people who up until ten or even five years ago had never given Islam a second's thought. And now we have the perverse situation in which the non-Muslim Judge Sweeneys and David Camerons of this world are telling literally millions of Muslims that they have “betrayed Islam”. (Both Cameron and Judge Sweeney used exactly the same phrase in reference to the Islamic murder of Lee Rigby.) 



1st April, 2014: 'Now TWELVE schools are being investigated by Ofsted amid claims hard-line Muslims are trying to indoctrinate pupils'

23rd February, 2014: 'Top academy investigated for ‘sidelining’ non-Muslim staff'

17th October, 2013: 'Al Madinah: Muslim free school 'in chaos' according to new Ofsted report'

3rd October, 2013: 'Teenagers banned from school for refusing to shave their beards'

16th September, 2013: 'Should Muslim veils be lifted in schools?'

Muslim Sexual Grooming Gangs

Sharia in the UK

25th January, 2014: 'The frightening moment six Muslim siblings attempt to kidnap white woman in relationship with their sister'
24th January, 2014: 'British pensioner sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan despite mental illness'

23rd December, 2013: 'Marks & Spencer apologises after row over Muslim worker refusing to sell alcohol'

10th November, 2013: 'Forced marriage: Ayesha was repeatedly beaten, raped and then twice almost murdered by her own family'

Jihad in the UK

21st March, 2014: ''The doors of jihad are still open': British fighter urges others to join him in Syria in video posted online'

23rd February, 2014: 'Terrorism cops warn of threat of Lee Rigby copycat killings'

20th October, 2013: 'Increasing numbers of prisoners 'bullied' into converting to Islam'
25th September, 2013: 'Brit in court accused of making chemical weapons for Nairobi mall attack'
4th August, 2013: 'British aid charity in ‘terror’ inquiry'


10th January, 2014: 'Almost a tenth of babies and toddlers in England and Wales are Muslim, census figures show'
5th November, 2013: 'Muslim jail population doubles'
10th September, 2013: 'Christians now a minority in UK as half the population have no religion'
30th May, 2013: 'British Christianity dies while Islam thrives. Why?'

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