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The World Trade Center Bombing: Feb 26, 1993

First posted: 28 February 2013

Two days ago, and 20 years before that, in 1993, a massive explosion occurred in lower Manhattan, New York.

The epicentre was the parking garage beneath the World Trade Center, where a massive eruption carved out a nearly 100-foot crater several stories deep and several more high. Six people were killed almost instantly. Those who weren’t trapped were soon pouring out of the building—many panic-stricken and covered in soot. More than a thousand people were hurt in some way, some badly, with crushed limbs.

Not long after, three men were put in custody—Nidal Ayyad, Mahmoud Abouhalima, and Ahmed Ajaj. Another Muslim was added and all four men were tried, convicted, and sentenced to life.

You see, despite the hype from, amongst many others, the New Statesman’s Medhi Hasan, the Guardian, George Galloway and numerous other Leftists and Muslims, Islamoterrorism didn't start with the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 or with the Iraq War in 2003.

Apart from the fact that the intervention in Afghanistan was itself a response to 9/11; the bombing remembered earlier this week occurred ten years before Iraq 2003. * (See note.)

That don't matter because Muslims and the Left will then talk about the First Iraq War of 1990/1, three years before the 1993 bombing, and say that caused Islamoterrorism.

Then we had the Beirut bombings in the 1980s!

But that was caused by "Israel's actions".

Let’s miss out other large chunks of Islamic terror and go straight to the Muslim Brotherhood’s contribution, which started in the 1920s, to this great Islamic tradition.

(Egyptian) Muslim Brotherhood bombings started at least eighteen years before Israel was even created!

But they were responses to "Zionism" and "Western colonialism"... and on and on and on.

Fact is, Islamic terror goes back over 1,000 years. It goes back to the birth of Islam itself and to the actions and beliefs of the Holy Prophet, Muhammad.

Don't believe the Muslim/Leftist hype about "the causes of terrorism".

Oh. I almost forgot! "Poverty and oppression" also caused the billionaire Osama bin Laden to become an Islamoterrorist. Not forgetting the immense “deprivation” of Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, most of whom are middle-class ex-graduates and many of whom also went to Western universities.

(*) I say “intervention” because both Afghanistan and Iraq were not invasions strictly speaking – or speaking in any way. Historically, and in terms of simple well-established meanings, invading armies invade to completely control a country, to subjugate its peoples and then, perhaps, also exploit its resources. See the history of Islam’s various Imperialist Empires to see what real invasion means. In real invasions, there isn’t even a need for indigenous “proxies” to do the dirty work for the invading power. That’s why the Leftist notion of “imperialism” does so much work for the Left – yet if it does, why do they also stress the words “invasion” and “occupation” so often? With imperialism, you don't need to either invade or occupy. That's a point Leftists themselves stress.

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