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Lord Ahmed's Jew-hatred & Usama Hasan's response

First posted: 16 March 2013

The thing is, it is indeed the case that Lord Ahmed has been involved in the "interfaith movement" and talked of "dialogue" with Jew, etc., as Usama Hasan's article in the Guardian says. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
Muslims use interfaith as Islamic da'wah. That is, to further Islam - not to listen.
All sorts of extreme Muslims have been heavily involved in the interfaith movement - including Yusef Quradawi and the former Mufti of Cairo, both of whom said that Hitler's annihilation of six million Jews was "Allah's way of punishing the Jews for being unjust".
You can find numerous other examples of Jew-haters, and haters of the kuffar generally, making sweet noises about "dialogue" and "interfaith".
Saudi Arabia is heavily involved in the Interfaith Movement!!!
Most - if not all - of all this is Islamic taqiyya.
Taqiyya and Islamic dawah are found together at interfaith meetings.
On Usama Hasan's article in the Guardian (see last link below).
It’s clear that one purpose of this article is to tie anti-Semitism to “Islamophobia”. (Yes, this can be deemed to be highly cynical - but I’ve the evidence and the arguments to back it up.) Indeed Usama Hasan does indeed explicitly tie both issues together. It’s not such a great step forward to also argue that the purpose of the entire article is to tie anti-Semitism to Islamophobia. And, in the end, that also means that the entire article is really about what he calls “Islamophobia”. That is, the Lord Ahmed incident has provided the writer with a fantastic rationale to fight against imagined Islamophobia and thus also - like the interfaith movement he’s also strongly connected to - to protect and advance Islam. 
He even talks about the “Muslim conspiracy” in order to tie it into the “Jewish conspiracy” of Nazis. The thing about the “Muslim conspiracy” is that it isn’t, well, a conspiracy at all. There are thousands of acts and documents that back it up. There is evidence galore to back up the rise and rise of militant Islam in Europe. 
When it comes to the “Jewish conspiracy”, on the other hand, all you’ve got is conspiracy. There is no hard evidence and even very little argumentation. There are no Jewish equivalents of Islamist bombs in Europe. There are no Jewish equivalents of the numerous Muslim ghettos. There are no Jewish equivalents of the hundreds of mosques (all documented on film and tape) pronouncing “jihad” and full sharia law.
What makes the “Jewish conspiracy” work is a pre-existing racism which states that Jews are uniquely evil no matter what they do – even if they do nothing. It’s a racial theory. There is no evidence: no documents, tape recordings, etc. of Jews conspiring together to take over Europe or the world. All there is are conspiracy theories which can only make sense in the context of racism. A racism which says that because Jews have bad blood, then they simply must be conspiring to take over the world. Their blood alone makes them do it. So if there’s no concrete evidence, all the Jew-haters have are their theories – their conspiracy theories.
You don’t need conspiracy theories for bad Muslim behaviour in Europe and beyond. Every day tens are killed in the Global Jihad. They die for Islam – whether or not it’s a “misinterpretation” of Islam. Every day there is a recording or tape of some Islamist group saying or doing something against non-Islamic society. There are demos on the streets, attacks on the kuffar, inflammatory speeches in mosques or on Islamic websites. There is no equivalent to any of this when it comes to the behaviour of Jews in England and Europe generally. What you get, instead, is Jewish assimilation and a massive contribution to Western life. 
The other thing is that of course Lord Ahmed and Usama Hasan want to talk to European and British Jews. It makes political sense to do so. It makes sense because, as Usama Hasan himself says, the main topic of that conversation will be “Israel and Palestine”. It makes complete political sense to get British and European Jews to take the Palestinian line and thus chip away at the state of Israel. That is the main reason why Lord Ahmed and Usama Hasan want to talk to Jews. And in both cases they’ve said themselves that’s why they want to talk to Jews. This is in parallel to the reason why they want to talk to Jews at “interfaith gatherings” - to further Islam and, again, to talk about the bad behaviour of Israel towards the Muslim Palestinians.

*Note: Now this interpretation is actually more applicable to Lord Ahmed than to Usama Hasan himself. Lord Ahmed is clearly a Jew-hater and conspiratorialist. Hasan, on the other hand, is probably not an Islamist. 

The fact that Islamophobia Watch - the Trotskyist-run website, set up by Eddie Truman, which uses Muslim anger and ostensible persecution to further their own cause of Trotskyist radicalisation (or even revolution) - has run critical posts (see first link) on Usama Hasan helps here. It seems that if a Muslim is not in favour of Islamism, Islamic terrorism and Hamas, then he is, effectively, a Muslim “Uncle Tom”. (Just as when blacks aren’t rappers and gangsters they are Uncle Toms… to white, middle-class Leftists.) That is, Bob Pitt and Martin Sullivan (who could actually be Bob Pitt’s “sock puppet”), two atheist Trotskyists, believe that certain Muslims are Uncle Toms if they are not Islamic enough. Such Muslim softies aren’t liked by Pitt and Sullivan because they don’t contribute to Islamophobia Watch’s very own cause of Trotskyist radicalisation. Indeed I shouldn’t defend Usama Hasan because that would mean, to Islamophobia Watch, that he’s definitely a “Zionist” who secretly wants to kill all Muslims.

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