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Derby Al Madinah school isn't Islamic enough for Muslims


First posted: 2 June 2012

A Muslim free school, which is due to open in Derby in September, has caused some controversy. Not with non-Muslims; but with Muslims themselves.

Opponents of the Al Madinah School includes Derby’s mosques. They have distanced themselves from the project because they are concerned with ‘the structure and direction of the school’. What do these Muslim opponents of the school mean by the ‘structure and direction of the school’?

The opposition spokesman, Kamran Raja, said:

"This is a way of bringing independent Islamic education of children in Muslim communities under state control."

What’s wrong with state control? Most English children are educated in state schools. What is it that Kamran Raja fears, exactly?

He states his worries thus:

"[The new school] will teach a secularised form of Islam, stripped of all rules and values, and reduced to a crude universal ethos and a few meaningless rituals.”

In other words, he feels that it will not be Islamic enough for him and the other opponents of the school. 

What is a ‘secularised form of Islam’? Perhaps that means that it would teach InterFaith or ‘faith networking’; and Muslims reduce these things to Islamic dawah (or use them to get what they want). In fact, to put it plainly: Raja is speaking out against Embracing Diversity and the championship of Community Cohesion. In fact such things will work against the Islamic nature of the school. Basically, Embracing Diversity, and having a Multicultural Ethos, are meant exclusively for non-Muslims in order to make them embrace Islam and Muslim behaviour. In their own Islamic schools, it would seem that Muslims do not need to Embrace Diversity or practice InterFaith: these things are designed to teach the kuffar about Islam and Muslims; not for Muslims to learn about other faiths and secular society.

Then Raja goes on to make some dreadful generalisations about ‘secularism’ and how non-Muslims live. As I said, Embraced Diversity and Multiculturalism are not designed for Muslims. They are designed to make non-Muslims embrace and accept Islam and Muslims - not vice versa.

Clearly Raja despises our culture. That’s why he wants his Islamic schools to be fundamentalist and SEPARATIST (or institutions of Muslim self-apartheid).

He goes on to say:

"The result will produce another lost generation who have little idea of their identity, lack basic values of halal or haram, discipline, respect or purpose, akin to the secular youths who participated in last summer's riots and fill single parents' estates across the country."

More specifically, the opponents of this new school in Derby don’t like the idea of their children celebrating Christian holidays, gender mixing, ‘adopting a secular ethos’ and even having non-Muslim teachers. Indeed, all the Islamic separatist ideas and desires which liberals/leftists say are exaggerated when articulated by those sceptical of Islamic schools.

On the other hand, Mr Cutts-McKay, the future Head of the new school, said: 

"I have been getting on with trying to make this school the best there is and to drive forward its ethos, which is based on Islam.

"It is an excellent moral code governed by respect, diversity and selflessness."

All this is clearly not Islamic enough for Kamran Raja and the other Muslim opponents of the new Islamic school in Derby

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