Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Conversations With Muslims (7)

Not all Muslims are Terrorists

So because of these few people, ALL Muslims should be classified as such?” - Dwalimz
I never said a word about “all Muslims”. I am against Islam. Whether some individual Muslims kill or not is almost irrelevant. Islam is a jihadist religion: from top to bottom.

 “ America killed millions of people throughout wars; I guess all Americans are murderers.”

Are you a pacifist? You can't be as a Muslim.

Wars have been fought throughout history. You should know, millions have been killed by the Islamic invasions and wars fought throughout Islam's 1,400 year history. Less than 200 years after Muhammad’s death, Islam imperialists had conquered nearly a third of the world and enslaved various peoples. Eighty million Hindus, on come accounts, were killed over a few hundred years by invading and conquering Muslims.

So name your war and I will tell you if I supported it or not.

 “ Hitler killed millions of Jews, I guess all Germans/Christians are homicidal maniacs.”

Hitler was a great friend of Muslims both before and during the the Second World War; specifically in the Arab world. Muslims worldwide still love him in their millions. In fact
Mein Kampf is a best-seller in many Muslim countries. They have hardly got around to translating any other European book.

 “Israel bombs Muslims daily...”

You've got that the wrong way around. Hamas and other Muslim groups have sent tens of thousands of rockets into Israel specifically to kill civilians. The death-toll is relatively low because the Israelis protect their own citizens with shelters, air-raid warnings, etc., unlike Hamas, which benefits from the deaths of their people (in terms of publicity). If Israel had not foiled all the many terrorist attacks, and protected itself from the thousands of rocket attacks, the Israeli death-toll would be massive.

Many Palestinians want to slaughter thousands - if not millions - of Israelis: they just don't know how to do it at the moment because they are backwards militarily. If they had the requisite weapons, they would use them within minutes and wipe out entire Israeli cities – they just don't have the know-how at present.

The intent for genocide is there; just not the capability. The population of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, on the other hand, has increased four-fold or more since 1948 and there are over a million Arab Muslims in Israel itself. Some genocide – a genocide in which the victim population is continually growing.

We Muslims Believe in Peace

“….we believe in PEACE ....." - Samreen Khan

What does that mean? I genuinely don't understand what it means.

What do you mean by “peace”, as a Muslim? How is that peace brought about? What is needed, according to a Muslim, in order to achieve peace?

According to many Muslims, the entire world must “submit to Allah” before there is peace. Many other Muslims think that only full sharia law can bring about peace. Is this what you mean by “peace”?

Also, “Islam” does not “mean peace” either. It also means submission.

Again, in order to bring about peace, the entire world will need to submit to Islam. Is that what you mean by “peace”?

You can't be a pacifist. Every Islamic empire engaged in war, whether for defence or conquest (that doesn’t matter for now). Muhammad himself was a warrior. In addition, every Muslim state has engaged in war and military conquest.

I'm not saying that non-Muslims haven't engaged in war – they have. I'm simply want to know what you, as a Muslim, mean by the phrase “we [Muslims] believe in PEACE”.

[She didn't reply to any of my points. Instead she suggested I read the Koran and, believe it or not, live as a Muslim for a month.]

You didn't answer any of my questions. That shows me that what I wrote is true and you must know it.

That is, when Muslims say "we believe in peace", they really mean:
Peace will only be brought about when the entire world submits to Allah and implements sharia law.

And perhaps the jihadists I originally listed are fighting for the same "peace" you are talking about.

In other words, in order to bring about Islamic peace, a hell of a lot of non-Muslims will need to be killed.

This is the "peace of the grave" for non-Muslims. It is death, conversion or, at best, a second-class (dhimmi) status for all non-Muslims.

To paraphrase George Orwell:Islamic peace is war.

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