Friday, 25 April 2014

British Muslim father calls his son, who died in Syria, a “martyr”

Last week, Abubaker Deghayes, the father of Brighton teenager Abdullah Deghayes (who was killed in Syria while fighting against Christians, Shia Muslims and the Assad regime) called his son a “martyr”.

"Martyr" is a term Muslims use specifically for those who have died fighting "for the cause of Allah”. It has nothing at all to do with fighting for justice or freedom in the abstract. As I said, it's is about fighting for Allah and for Islam; as well as for sharia law and an Islamic state.

If Abdullah Deghayes were fighting for justice or freedom in the abstract, he wouldn't have chosen to specifically fight in Syria. Perhaps he would have chosen to fight for the Buddhist victims of jihad in southern Thailand or the Christian and animist victims of the Islamists in southern Sudan. Alternatively, he might have gone to Saudi Arabia to help stop the Sunni persecution of Shia Muslims or done the same in Bahrain.

Yes, British Sunni Muslims tell us about President Assad's persecution of Sunni Muslims in Syria. Yet they don't tell us about the Sunni persecution of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, etc. and even in places in Europe.

In fact Deghayes's uncle, Omar - a former Guantanamo detainee - is believed to have died earlier this month in Syria. He was also once taken to Guantanamo because of what he was doing in Pakistan and Afghanistan: which might well have included killing and persecuting Shia Muslims (which is a Sunni pastime in those two countries).

Abdullah Deghayes's father also used the term "freedom fighter". Clearly he knew that this term would be more palatable to the gullible kuffar press than "martyr" or "holy warrior".

In any case, how did Abubaker Deghayes know that his son was exclusively fighting Assad's troops? There is a 50/50 chance he might also have been beheading innocent Christians, ransacking churches or fighting rival jihadist groups. It's also possible that Iran's Hezbollah could have killed him: after all, Iran and Hezbollah are on President Assad's side.

Of course his father might have had absolutely no idea what really happened at this point. Perhaps this young jihadist/"martyr" didn't know that much either.

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