Saturday, 5 April 2014

Allah is an Arab

Actually, to be more precise: Allah is a 7th century Arab.

"At some point… I vowed to commit genuinely to the Koran. But there was one problem… I still did not know Arabic. I wanted to feel the original language of the Koran… I left the mosque with one wish: to learn Arabic, the language of the Prophet Mohammed and of the Koran that he articulated. Without Arabic I felt I would be dependent on handed-down Islam…" - Ziadinn Sardur


"… Arabic. Indeed, many authorities agree that the Koran is only intelligible in that tongue, which is itself subject to innumerable idiomatic and regional inflections. This would leave us, on the face of it, with the absurd and potentially dangerous conclusion that God was a monoglot… A translation can never be the Koran only in the original revealed text."

  In other words, in order to ‘fully understand’ the Koran, or Qu’ran, one must learn Arabic. Not only that: in order to fully understand the ‘context’, etc. one must become a (amateur) scholar of Islam. Thus in order to fully understand the Koran one must learn Arabic and become a scholar. It is highly likely that 99% of Arabic speakers are Muslim. And 99% of Islamic scholars are Muslim. That is what Muslims really mean. That is, in order to fully understand the Koran, one must be a Muslim. Well, infidels have always known that. But what a roundabout way of putting it!

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