Thursday, 17 April 2014

Abu Qatada prefers infidel legal systems to Muslim ones

First posted: 13 February 2012

Police officers have said that they owe Abu Qatada a ‘duty of care’ which will help protect him from what they've called ‘vigilantes’. That just shows us what a sorry state we are in vis-a-vis the former ‘right-hand man of Osama Bin Laden’.

I can imagine vigilantes attacking Qatada not primarily for the deaths he has ‘incited’ or ‘solicited’, but for the fact that he seems to be taking the piss not only out of our spineless leaders, but out of the British people as well. That’s why there may be a ‘problem’ with vigilantes. After all, Qatada hates and despises every one of us who is not a Muslim. He would have all of us dead if he could pull that trick off. This man is an Islamic jihadist with a long criminal history behind him.

So his deportation to Jordan (a Muslim nation well known for slaughtering 5, 000 fellow Muslims (Palestinians) on Black September in 1970), should be on the books. Surely a hater of the infidel should prefer a Muslim country, Jordan, and a Muslim judicial system (though not necessarily an Islamic one), to our own. Or is it the case that Qatada knows that infidel institutions are a soft touch in the West?

And if Islamoterrorists think that, then we should rectify this by deporting all known Islamic terrorists to Muslim countries. Then the threat or reality of torture, or being placed against a wall and shot, may put them off committing more of their Koran-inspired crimes against the infidels or unbelievers of the UK.

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