Monday, 21 April 2014

A Glossary of Islamic Words Used By Muslims

“peace” = What happens when “the entire world submits to Islam”.

“justice” = i) What only full sharia law can bring about. ii) Justice to and for Muslims (e.g., the creation of sharia law in the UK and elsewhere).

“rights” = The right of Muslims to practice sharia law. Or the right of Muslims to follow various sharia laws.

“freedom” = i)What only full sharia law can bring about. ii)The freedom to be a Muslim. iii)The freedom to follow sharia law.

“Ban the EDL [or the Satanic Verses, the Danish Cartoons, The Innocence of Islam, etc.].” = Impose sharia blasphemy law on the West

“Islamic knowledge”/ “knowledge” = Knowledge of Islam, the Koran, the hadith, etc.

“truth” = What the Koran, Muhammad, the hadith, etc. say is the truth. Islamic truth.

“science” = Anything Islam accepts as science; but not human evolution, the Big Bang, or any other science which contradicts Islam.

“interfaith” = What Muslims do when they sell Islam to non-Muslims.

“The Church of Interfaith” = Where Muslims go to proselytise on behalf of Islam.

“unjust war” = Any war fought by infidels against Muslims; but not wars fought by Muslims against infidels or even wars fought between Muslims.

“jihad as inner struggle” = The aspect of jihad which must go alongside violent jihad; which is deemed by most Muslims to be more important than “inner struggle”.

“blasphemy” = Any criticism of Islam of any kind.

“mockery of Islam” = Any criticism of Islam of any kind.

“tolerance” = The tolerance of Muslims in non-Muslim countries.

“embrace diversity” = Embrace Islamic or Muslim diversity. (Muslims are not required to return the favour.)

“community cohesion” = Allowing Muslims to do exactly what they want to do if it is done as an example of Islamic practice or behaviour.

“extreme Muslim” = A Muslim who tells the truth about Islam and practices true Islam.

“moderate Muslim” = A Muslim who is waiting for the right time to increase Muslim demands and then become more active and vocal.

“Islamic theology” = The interpretation and commentary - rather than the criticism and analysis found in other religions - of and on Islam.

“just war”/“just cause” = Any war which advances Islam or which abides by Islamic precepts and edicts. Any war fought by Muslims against non-Muslims. Not the other way around.

“Islamophobe”/”Islamophobia” = A critic of Islam or the behaviours of Muslims (as Muslims). The criticism of Islam or the criticism of Muslims (as Muslims).

“racist”/”bigot”/”Nazi”/”far-right” = A critic of Islam or Muslims (as Muslims).

“Islam is peace.”/”Islam means peace.” = Islam will bring about peace. It will do so by making the entire world “submit to Allah” and by imposing sharia law on everyone (including non-Muslims).

“equality” = i) Equality between Muslim and Muslim; not between Muslim and non-Muslim. ii) The right of Muslims to follow or practice full sharia law as they see Christians following full Christian law (whatever they mean by that).

“brotherhood” = i) Brotherhood between Muslims; not between Muslims and non-Muslims. ii) Brotherhood between Sunni Muslims and Sunni Muslims (or Shia Muslims and Shia Muslims, etc.).

“Jesus” = The Muslim or Islamic Jesus (called Isa); who bears no resemblance to the Christian Jesus - not even the name.

“the People of the Book” = Christians as they are seen by Muslims and in the Koran – a people who led the way to Muhammad and Islam. The Jewish “people of the book” no longer exist according to Islamic theology. Every modern Jew is an aberrant Jew and not a true child of “the children of Israel”.

“charity” = Charity from Muslims to Muslims.

“Islamonausea” = Not sure. It’s a new one.

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