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Why did UK mosques give 'sermons on grooming'?

First posted: 1st July, 2013

Many people will now know about last Friday's 'sermons' against the sexual grooming of children and young women which were read out during Friday prayers at various mosques throughout the UK. It has been said, by the BBC, that these 'sermons' were given to "thousands of worshippers". The BBC also said that the "sermon highlighted how the Koran emphasised that Muslims must protect children and the vulnerable".

That last statement betrays either gross ignorance on the BBC's part or a knowing collusion with Muslim taqiyya. For a start, in the Koran it only talks about protecting Muslim children and Muslims who are vulnerable. That sharp and absolute distinction between Muslims and 'unbelievers' is transparent in the Koran and is reiterated very many times.

In any case, how does the BBC know that these sermons were read to "thousands of worshippers"? How can the BBC possibly know that?

About half of the UK's mosques, or less, are said to have delivered this pre-written speech (not a 'sermon') about grooming gangs – i.e., the same speech at each mosque. How do we know this happened at each mosque? In addition, according to a Muslim (from Bradford) speaking on Radio Leeds, the imams were allowed to "adapt" the speech "for their own mosque". That could mean anything – including complete rewrites. In that case, how do we know these imams even mentioned 'Muslim grooming gangs' rather than simply speaking of 'grooming gangs'?

And why has it taken at least thirteen years, since this problem first came to light, for Muslims to do anything about it? (I first heard about – and had experiences of – Muslim grooming gangs, in Keighley and Bradford, around the year 2000 – that is, thirteen years ago.) In any case, any Muslim response there had been, as well as any council and police response, only occurred after non-Muslims, and people outside the ruling authorities (including the English Defence League), brought all this to light. Or, rather, they didn't really bring these things to light as such because Muslims, councillors, the social services and even local journalists knew about all this but did bugger-all about it. What they responded to was not the sexual grooming of young girls itself, but to the non-Muslim negative reaction to it. Only then did Muslims and the powers-that-be realise they had to do something about the massive problem of Muslim grooming gangs.

Finally, it was largely a publicity gimmick anyway; if not for all the Muslims involved, certainly for most of them. The Muslim guy I heard on Radio Leeds seemed sincere enough but his like won't win out in the end because moderates haven't done so up until now either in the UK or in the Muslim world at large. If anything, we are experiencing a worldwide phenomenon of Islamic or Muslim retrogression, not progress.

Finally, part of the sermon, which is available online, states:

"Islam promotes a strict moral code of conduct on men and forbids any sexual activity outside of marriage. We are obliged to be active in ensuring the prevention and avoidance of any behaviour which can lead to inappropriate and unacceptable sexual behaviour and indecency [fahisha]."

This is a classic example of a Muslim coming as close as you can get to stating an outright lie, but without making that lie blatant or obvious to non-Muslims.

The Muslim who wrote this will know full well that when Islam "forbids sexual activity outside of marriage" that this only applies to Muslim men having sexual activity with married and even unmarried Muslim girls and women; not to having sex with 'unbelievers'. There are numerous passages in the Koran, the Hadiths and other Islamic texts which explicitly and categorically state that Muslim men, especially 'fighters in the cause of Allah', can have non-Muslim sex slaves, non-Muslim concubines and even that they can rape non-Muslims either as a form of jihad or as a form of punishment for being 'unbelievers'.

Readers should also see what's happening today in Syria in terms of the Sunni rape jihad there as well as their talk of Islamic sex slavery. In fact people should look at what has really happened in Bradford or Oxford with Muslim grooming gangs. Again, in the case of the Oxford Muslim groomers, it wasn't just a case of the men feeling no guilt or remorse about what they did; neither did the mother of two of the groomers. In fact she (see image right) placed the blame fully on the shoulders of the young victims. And she is just an ordinary Muslim mother. That's because in Muslim countries not only are non-Muslims treated as second-class citizens and often persecuted, they are also frequently raped as a punishment for being 'unbelievers'. Above and beyond that, the victims of rape, even when they are Muslim girls or women, are often seen as the guilty party (especially in Pakistan, which is the country of heritage for most of our groomers).

If you put all that together it will become obvious that we have a massive problem. I'm not talking about the massive problem that is Muslim grooming itself because we all already know about that. I'm talking the massive problem of tackling the main source and inspiration behind Muslim grooming – Islamic culture and Islamic texts.

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