Friday, 7 March 2014

The "Slaves of Allah" Groom our Young

What a picture! A picture with an awful message. That message being: become a slave of Allah, and then make your wife a slave. Then, recursively, through being a slave to the Muslim husband, she becomes a slave to Allah.

What a sad state of affairs for the Muslims. No human touch or contact is allowed. Islamic marriage is a transaction in which the bride is selected and is thenceforth becomes a baby-machine to increase the Army ...of Allah. ‘Plough your field,’ so the Koran says.

It is partly because of this regimentation of marriage (no courting is ever allowed) that Muslim males look for thrills and sex outside marriage - that is, before they are wed to a cousin in Pakistan. Thus they use the female kuffar in a nasty and brutal way. After all, they are ‘unbelievers’. They are ‘cattle’. They are ‘apes and monkeys’. Why treat animals with decency when they would not even recognise such a thing?

Thus they carry on with their COMMUNITY-ABUSE - grooming and raping the kuffar without a word said against them by the Muslim community or even by the imams and ‘community leaders’. They only spoke out, if not even then, when the press got hold of this huge problem of Muslim COMMUNITY-ABUSE. Then they used taqiyya to pretend that they didn’t condone grooming, rape and paedophilia.

But this is how the Muslim community’s males let off steam and practice the domination of the kuffar. This is the North West version of Koranic sex slaves, concubines and temporary marriages. And this is why the Muslim community, which brings about sexual COMMUNITY-ABUSE, will never say anything to the sons of Allah. That is, not until it became known to the public at large. Then taqiyya kicks in because there is no possibility that they could condone the groomers to the infidel. To do so would be Islamic suicide. So taqiyya is used instead.

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