Friday, 14 March 2014

The 'Right' of British Muslims to Follow Full Sharia Law?

First posted: 7 February 2013

The 'right' to follow sharia law will result in zero rights when it is implemented - and not just for the kuffar.
Muslims, even Islamoterrorists, are very keen on human rights. Their human rights. They don't give a flying shit about anyone else's human rights; especially not the kuffars'. Yet the doctrine of universal human rights is not meant to distinguish human beings from other human beings; which is what Muslims certainly do. This makes their talk about human right all the more nauseating.

Same for the Leftists, such as Gareth Peirce the lawyer, who defends Islamists, Islamoterrorists and who also freed Abu Qatada. They don't care about human rights in the abstract. They care about defending the human rights of Islamoterrorists as a good means to chip away at the "capitalist state". Defending the indefensible is just a way of "fighting the capitalist system". Through the law, a Gramscian institution which must be “captured” by Marxists/Trotskyists, the Revolution can be brought about without an old-style revolution on the streets. It’s about capturing the Capitalist Hegemony and substituting it with a Leftist Hegemony. This has almost already been completed in the UK. The economy, of course, is still capitalist and largely private.

The same is also true of Muslims when they talk about "rights", "freedom", and the rest. It's all really about their right to be Muslims and their right to follow full sharia law. About their freedom to wear the burka and to stone adulterers. They don't spend a moment's thought on the rights and freedoms of non-Muslims. They are simply using Western concepts and words to advance Islam and also to titillate their leftist enablers with the words these Leftists love so much; especially as word-weapons to chip away at the “capitalist state”.

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