Friday, 14 March 2014

The Koran Gave Birth to Terrrorism

One of the most powerful points about Islamists, and against their non-Muslim defenders and apologists, is that the liberals and leftists are trying to explain extremist actions in rational or even Western terms. For example:

i) as a response to poverty
ii) or a response to a lack of political power
iii) or as a response to Islamophobia
iv) or to people celebrating Christmas too loudly
v) or for not banning Rushdie’s novel
vi) or for not making comprehensive schools provide halal meat
vii) or for not letting female Muslims wear the burkha while swimming
viii) or for not teaching non-Muslim students any Arabic or anything about the Koran

ix) or for allowing non-Muslim women to wear short skirts in Muslim areas…
Islam must be a very combustible and volatile religion if Muslims are that easily turned into terrorists or extremists. Cohen writes:

"Trying to find rational explanations for the irrational sects of the far left and far right is like trying to find ‘the root causes’ of Islamism or trying to explain Saddam Hussein by looking at the ‘realisms’ of Iraq foreign policy. It is more profitable to look at persecution fantasies, group loyalty, the strongman’s will to power and the feeble personality’s willingness to obey."

Perhaps ‘the root causes’ of Islamic extremism are Islam and the Koran. After all, Islamic terrorists are Islamic terrorists. They are Muslims who have read the Koran. Of course ‘not every Muslim is a terrorist or an extremist’. That just amounts to the mundane fact that not every Muslim is politically active. It is also true about socialists and conservatives. Not every supporter of the Conservative Party goes to local party meetings or the annual conference. But he or she may still be bone fide Conservative. One can even be a believer in - or supporter of - revolutionary socialism and not give out leaflets or sell papers, let alone arrange mass demonstrations and the like.

So a Muslim may believe in terrorism and Islamic extremism even though he spends most of his time running his corner shop and watching the TV. More pertinently, he may accept the jihadist sentiments in the Koran, along with the anti-Semitism, etc., without volunteering to do jihad work in Afghanistan or to bomb the local synagogue. He may not do these things simply because he is some kind of coward and does not want to die in Afghanistan, or blow himself up at the local synagogue, or even risk long-term imprisonment in a UK prison. Nevertheless, he is still an extremist-of-the mind, if not in action.

All extreme groups, religious and ideological, have many supporters and members who, basically, don’t lift a finger for the cause. So a Muslim can be an Islamist-of-the-mind even if he does not train in military camps or even spout ‘Allahu Akbar!’ at his local mosque. In addition, I know many deeply political people who, basically, don’t actually do anything political other than read newspapers, etc. The same goes for deeply religious people.

On another point. Politicos, or political nerds, are bound to analyse things in strictly, or crudely, political terms. Thus to a Marxist, or SWP member, it’s all about poverty or political impotency. To a racist, it is all about the fact that most Islamists have brown or black skin. To a Green, perhaps it’s because Osama Bin Laden didn’t have a holistic relationship with Mother Earth. Instead, perhaps Islamists blow people up because they are infidels, or Jews, or colonialists, or Sunni rather than Shia, or Shia rather than Sunni. These are irrational acts. Perhaps they are carried out by people who are fundamentally irrational, at least at a political and religious level. Isn’t that at least possible? Considering the fact that millions believe in UFOs, or that Elvis is still alive, or that Clint Eastwood shot Kennedy, why can’t the Islamist belief that the Jews run the world also be utterly irrational? Why can’t their terrorist outrages also be, purely and simply, irrational?

Of course the Islamist, or SWP Trot-machine, will now respond: Irrational to you, may be, but not irrational to them. But that's another issue, as well as a neat sidestepping of the issue.

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