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The Islamisation of Lloyds TSB

First posted: 24th April, 2013

The Lloyds TSB Islamic Account 


“Banking in accordance with Shariah.

"No credit or debit interest.

"No Planned Overdraft.

"No minimum balance required.

"No bank charges for everyday transactions on your Islamic Account

-          if you stay in credit.

"The Lloyds TSB Islamic Account – at a glance.

“We are committed to the highest Shariah standards. You can be confident the money you keep with us will not be used for any interest-based or non-Shariah approved activities.”
A halal tax system… Halal food. Halal ways to sleep correctly. Halal ways to kill the infidel. Halal ways to grow your beard. Halal ways to deal with kuffar sex slaves. Halal ways to wash yourself… And now we have to deal with halal banking here in the UK
 Halal... everything!
That is the nature of Islam. It is totalitarian - something Muslims themselves stress (though without using the word "totalitarian", of course). 
Muslims not also violently deny the legitimacy of any separation of church from state (or mosque from state). Muslims also fully embrace the fusion of all politics and religion. Islam is not only a religion of violent jihad; it’s also a religion of politics. And, again, Muslims don’t deny this. They are proud of it. They argue that Islam’s utterly totalitarian nature and hopes make it better than all the religions which separate politics - or government - from religion. (Something both Nazis and Communists also stress about their own religions/ideologies.)
So no wonder violent jihad and Islam go so tightly together: Islam and politics are tightly connected. 
i) And if Islam and politics are as one in Islam;
ii) then Islam and war are as one too. 
Politics has historically been the domain of war and conquest. Thus Islam is the domain of war and conquest because Islam is also the domain of religion and politics.Islam has been the domain of war and conquest.
There can be no Islam without politics – or without a political Islam. Thus there cannot be Islam without war. Politics and war tend to go together. Politics and a political religion, Islam, as well as a theology and tradition of violent jihad, will of necessity bring about war. And that’s what we see throughout the Muslim world today and what we can also see throughout the entire history of Islam.
As one Muslim put it: "Islam follows you everywhere. Even into the bedroom."

*) Apart from all that, TSB and other UK banks charge Muslims a large up-front fee for that ‘Islamic account”. In a sense (or even not in a sense), that amounts to usury by another name. Especially if the up-front fees can be seen to be pretty equal to "usury" in the long term. That is, Lloyds TSB gives with one hand and takes with the other.

So, in the end, this is a big con. No usury but still a fee... Muslims have rules which they follow even though they don't know WHY they are following them or if the rule is empty/wrong in the first place. What matters is FOLLOWING THE RULE REGARDLESS. The whole halal or haraam thing is literally mindless. There is no theology or ethics behind it. Rule-following for the sake of the rule-following, that's it.
If Muslims can have it all interest-fee (but with up-front fees!), then why can't non-Muslims ask for this account too? Isn't it illegal to be prejudiced or racist in an institutionalised manner such as with Lloyds TSB?

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