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The Grooming Jihad in Blackpool

First posted: 8th April, 2011

Comments on the Daily Mirror news item, 'Sixty teenagers 'groomed for sex' in Blackpool', by Steve White, 8th April, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

CLAIMS that a group of men groomed more than 60 teenage girls for sex were kept secret by police, it emerged yesterday. [Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course whites and non-Muslims groom teenage girls. But do they systematically do so in gangs that are joined together because of the members' religion? No.

Do they systematically seek out girls who aren’t members of their own religion? No.

Do their brothers, uncles, etc. also commit these grooming offences with them? No.

Do white guys and non-Muslims have a religion which legitimises such acts and provides them with many examples of what they are doing in their holy book?No.

Let me explain. In the Koran, and throughout Islamic history, Muslims have believed that they deserved ‘booty’ when they had conquered non-Muslims or even when they are just in the company of non-Muslims. There are many examples of such ‘booty’ in the Koran. Often these non-Muslim women (‘booty’) became outright slaves but often they were just raped.

Being kuffar, Muslim men saw them as being less than human - the ‘daughters of pigs and monkeys’, as they also called Jews, or 'cattle', as Mehdi Hasan of the New Statesman put it. If the kuffar is hated, then kuffar women are hated even more. After all, many Muslims hate Muslim women because even though they are Muslim, as woman they are still only ‘half of a man’ (in law, in marriage, etc.).

Thus you have a whole Islamic rationale and history to explain and justify (to the Muslim groomers) what they are doing. And all this makes it crystal clear that these aren’t just normal examples of grooming which can be found throughout all ethnic groups and religious communities. We are talking about ‘Islamic booty’ and the hatred of many Muslim men for the kuffar woman.]

A previously unpublished police report showed the girls – all white and aged from 13 to 15 – were groomed or ­sexually abused by “non-white adult males” connected to takeaways in Blackpool, Lancs. [‘Non-white’! This double-speak is an utter disgrace. It is effectively a lie. Just as is that other favourite - ‘Asian’. We are talking about Muslims here. Not blacks, not Asian Chinese, not Asian Sikhs or Hindus, etc. Muslims! And Muslims who do what they do primarily, but not exclusively, because of their religion - because of Islam.] “The exploitation included the commercial exchange of money, food, shelter and gifts for the provision of sexual acts,” the report said. A former top Lancashire Police officer yesterday said it was hushed up because of “concerns about ­upsetting community cohesion”. [This is almost hilarious if it were not so sad and so fucked up. You see the EDL and many others already know that Community Cohesion is more important than fighting Islamoterrorism, stopping the Drugs Jihad, and now the Grooming Jihad. I mean if counter-terrorist officers have to tell the Muslims whose houses they are about to search that they are about to search their houses (umm), and force their police dogs to wear mittens, then no sacrificial lamb is enough for the ideological god that is Community Cohesion. Next we’ll be saying sorry for being Islamobombed in order to placate the god that is Community Cohesion... Oh, I forgot. Many leftists, InterFaithers, liberals, etc.have already apologised for being bombed by Muslims.]

The officer, who asked not to be named, said there was a reluctance to acknowledge the very specific offender profile because 96% of the population in Blackpool is white. Detectives discovered the grooming network while probing the murder of Charlene Downes, 14, in 2003. Jordanian Iyad Albattikhi and Iranian Mohammed Raveshi from kebab shop Funny Boyz stood trial in 2007. [See; they are all Muslim even when from different parts of the world. Their nationality is irrelevant. Their religion is very relevant.] The jury was told about 10 ­incidents involving Mr Raveshi and young girls, who the ­prosecution claimed he groomed to “see how far he could get”. Witnesses also told how Charlene was seen “snogging” some of the owners and staff in an alleyway in return for free food. [To most Muslim men, all kuffar women, not just working-class girls but university students too, are prostitutes. I know this not through theory or ‘Islamophobic propaganda’, but through experience in Keighley and Bradford. Even the way Muslim men treated their female tenants, or the ones buying curries at their curry houses, showed me that something was seriously wrong. Just one example. My mate’s girlfriend was effectively used by a Muslim male, possibly a Muslim gang, made pregnant and then discarded. When the baby was born, brown, he was well shocked (he’s ginger!).]

But the jury failed to reach a verdict and a retrial collapsed after “grave doubts” about some evidence brought by Lancashire Police. Proper records were not kept, the Independent Police Complaints Commission found. Each defendant received almost £250,000 in damages after serving two years on remand. [All this was no doubt a direct affect of assuaging the god of Community Cohesion. If you have a ‘hands-off-Muslims’ approach, as Keighley and Birmingham police, for example, more or less have, then records won’t be kept and, generally, no part of the investigation of the Victim Brown Exotic will have have been taken seriously.

Fuck Community Cohesion and we’ll never Embrace Sick Diversity!]

Mr Albattikhi, 33, still holds the lease on the kebab shop. Mr Raveshi, 54, is the licence holder. But the licence to serve hot food from 11pm to 5am was revoked last August because police solicitors were still concerned about grooming. [Of course these Muslims will carry on with their crimes, as this suggests. Why? Because according to their religion, Islam, these Muslims don’t think that they are doing wrong. However, even if morally they do not see any wrong, they may still be concerned about police action. But there is no real police action against the Grooming (‘Booty’) Jihad! Thus it’s party-time all the way for the Muslim boys of Blackpool!]

Mr Raveshi said he and Mr Albattikhi were the innocent targets of a police vendetta. They are appealing to get their licence back. [Get Shami Chakrabarti and Liberty on the case. Every Muslim is innocent to her group. Every Muslim is a Victim.] 3A CHILD abuse unit is heading an enquiry after Jack Straw’s controversial comments that white girls are “easy meat” for gangs of men, often Pakistani, trawling the streets for sex. It is thought it will recommend more openness over an issue police avoid due to fears of racism. [Jack Straw. He’ll say one thing against Muslims one day and the next day, when he realises that he’s put his foot into the Muslim bloc vote in Blackburn, he’ll say the exact opposite. A true career politician and a true twat!]

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