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The EDL: Why Blackpool?

First posted: 26th May, 2011

The religious identity of sex abusers would be irrelevant if the EDL did not believe that the 'Asian' abuse of young non-Muslim girls didn’t have strong connections to the religion of Islam and specifically to Muslim behaviour and attitudes.

Of course all ethnicities have members who abuse young girls. But not all ethnic groups have a religion, like Islam, which sanctions and even encourages that abuse. This is but one strand of the Islamic jihad and which specifically goes back to the Koranic notion of 'booty' (i.e. in the Blackpool case - non-Muslim girls) and/or Islamic slavery - amongst other Islamic things.

So forget race. This is about the nature of Islam and therefore also the nature of Muslim communities in the UK. It is not about ‘racial stereotyping’.

Jack Straw MP once almost said as much himself. This is how he put it:

‘There is a perception that some of these young men do not see white girls as equal, as valuable, of high moral standing as they see their own daughters, and their own sisters, and I think that's wrong.’

The EDL strongly disagrees with the judge who once said, in another Muslim 'grooming’ case, that the race of the victims and their abusers was ‘coincidental’. No, it isn’t ‘coincidental’. Many Muslim men rape, pimp and abuse specifically non-Muslim girls (whether they are white, Sikh or Hindu) largely - but not exclusively - because their prophet, Muhammad, told his followers not to respect non-Muslims (‘infidels’). And because even Muslim women are second-class citizens in Islamic or Muslim states; you can easily imagine how little respect the average Muslim male will have for non-Muslim women.

A while back, Martin Narey, chief executive of Barnardos, called for more research to be carried out on these problems. But there will be no ‘research’ specifically on the behaviour of Muslims as Muslims, or on Islam itself as a generator of Muslim-male misogyny (women-hatred) or on the more general problem of the widespread and deep hatred millions of Muslims have for all non-Muslims (‘infidels’ or ‘kuffar’) - something which has been rampant and pervasive in Islam since its foundation over a thousand years ago.

If anyone disagrees with all this, simply see how women are treated in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, Algeria and virtually every other Muslim/Islamic state. And then remember that in all these cases it is Muslim women who are treated badly. It doesn’t take much to then imagine how non-Muslim women are treated in these countries. And then, indeed, to imagine to how many Muslim males treat non-Muslim women in Blackpool and in the rest of the UK.
The Blackpool Case Itself
So far it has seemed that the people of Blackpool have had only sweet but meaningless words to appease them.

Firstly, the Blackpool police said that they hadn't ‘covered up’ anything. They said this after a regional newspaper in Blackpool had said that the police had covered things up. Not only that. The police themselves had already said that they had covered things up about these cases in Blackpool.

Blackpool police have 'hidden the facts from the public’ because they have not seen certain facts (about Muslim groomers) as facts. The police haven’t seen them as relevant to the issue. The religious affiliation of these groomers has not been seen as important. Thus the police cannot even admit that they have hidden the facts from the public when such facts are about the religion of the criminals concerned.

The people of Blackpool have also been told that their youngsters ‘are now safer than they’ve ever been’. This shows us that before this they were not safe. And they weren’t safe primarily, in these cases, because of Muslim groomers who took to grooming because of their shared religious faith, the encouragement of grooming by that faith, their religious culture and other more peripheral reasons.

One article claimed that an ‘unpublished police report’ showed that more than 60 Blackpool children, aged 13 to 15, had been groomed by a group of men connected to several town centre takeaway premises. But this newspaper, The Gazette, was itself a victim of the thing it had only just mentioned earlier - 'political correctness'. Nothing at all was said about all these men being Muslim.

Everyone knows that all this is about Muslim men. The police know that it’s about Muslim men. Muslim men know that it’s about Muslim men. And all the people of Blackpool know that it’s about Muslim men. Yet regional newspapers still talk about ‘a group of men’ (which makes a change from ‘Asians’).

Child grooming was thrust into the spotlight following the disappearance of 14-year-old schoolgirl, Charlene Downes, in 2003. Resort takeaway bosses Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Reveshi were charged with killing and disposing of her body, but were later acquitted of all charges.

A Times article also connected this to another missing Blackpool girl, Paige Chivers. Paige was just 15 when she disappeared in 2007. The report claims the teenager was also a ‘victim of sexual exploitation’ but police said her disappearance remains a missing person inquiry and that they were ‘keeping an open mind’.

Figures listed in a report by Awaken highlighted a problem which has been covered times by The Gazette (in Blackpool) over the past decade. In 2005 The Gazette revealed how 240 Blackpool children had been identified as ‘at risk of exploitation’ and that 80 had been ‘saved’ from the clutches of paedophiles.

So we must ask: How many of those 240 Blackpool children were the victims of Muslim gangs?Many of them? Almost all of them?
The police themselves said that they had focused on ‘takeaways and exploitation hotspots’, while also revealing how children had been rescued from brothels. That mention of ‘takeaways’ sort of gave the game away. There was no mention of pubs, youth clubs or swimming baths. No; just of places run by Muslims.
The Blackburn Connection
Jack Straw, a Blackburn Labour MP, once spoke out against Muslim men who had also abused girls.

On BBC’s Newsnight, he also said there was a ‘specific problem’ in some areas where Pakistani men ‘target vulnerable white girls’. He called on the Pakistani community to be ‘more open’ about the abuse.

Mr Straw continued:

‘Pakistanis, let's be clear, are not the only people who commit sexual offences, and overwhelmingly the sex offenders' wings of prisons are full of white sex offenders.'

But no one was claiming that Muslims are the only people abusing women and girls. And of course there will be more white sex offenders than Muslims in the UK because white males far outnumber Muslim or Pakistani males.

It is relative proportions which we must think about. There is a low proportion of Muslim child and women-abusing males compared against the whole population of male whites. However, we can see that proportionate to their numbers, Pakistani Muslims, and Muslims generally (there were non-Pakistani Muslim involved in Blackpool), commit these crimes far more than any other group proportionate to their total numbers. It would almost be definitionally impossible for Muslims to abuse women and girls more than whites because Pakistan Muslims constitute a smaller social group in Blackpool and in the UK as a whole.

But the Labour MP, Keith Vaz, said it was wrong to ‘stereotype an entire community’ and a proper inquiry was needed. But Jack Straw wasn’t stereotyping 'Asians’ or anything like that. It certainly wasn’t a question of skin colour. He was specifically talking about Pakistani Muslim males, not ‘all Asians’ and not even ‘all Muslims’.

The Barnados spokesman mentioned above also came out with some PC-speak when he said that ‘vulnerable children of all races were at risk’. Did that include young Pakistan girls? No it didn’t - in this and many other similar cases! Of course all races suffer from child abuse. But, in all these cases, we are dealing with a specific group – Muslims.

Then Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Muslim youth group the Ramadhan Foundation, rejected any suggestion that the abuse was ‘ingrained’ in the UK's Pakistani Muslim community. But it is ingrained. And it is so because it is ‘ingrained' in the Koran and later Islamic texts and also in Muslim actions/behaviour and culture.

There must be some reason for this obvious disproportionality. The EDL knows why. But Jack Straw never mentioned Islam (though he did mention 'Muslims'). He daren’t mention Islam! Therefore his 'questions to Muslims' - and others - will never gain a satisfactory answer because the truth, Islam’s misogyny, hatred of non-Muslims, etc. can simply never be openly discussed.
Those Damn Statistics!
Often statistics are little better than meaningless. What’s more, some of the journalists who use stats often know they are meaningless but still use them cynically or politically anyway.

We have often been told, both about Blackpool and elsewhere, that ‘most paedophiles’, etc. ‘are white’. The Gazette has said such a thing on more than one occasion.

For a start, every citation of stats like this should come along with context, as well as with complementary stats to make sense of the given ones.

The first thing we should ask about these stats is:

What proportion of people in Blackpool are white?

The answer will be, in Blackpool, that whites constitute something like between 95% and 99% of the population. Thus to say that ‘92% per cent [of the suspects] were white’ is to say almost nothing. Of course most groomers, etc. will be white in a town of 97% or more white people!

Now take the Pakistani groomers’ stat. Let’s say that, just in theory, Pakistanis make up 2% of the population in Blackpool. In that case, ‘2% of groomers were Pakistani’ would be a massive amount in relation to the whole population of Blackpool. Even if Pakistanis don’t make up 2%, but slightly more, say, at the most 8%, that 2% figure is still very large vis-a-vis the general population of Pakistanis in Blackpool.
Political Correctness and Community Cohesion
The major trouble in this case has been political correctness. It is all-encompassing and it demands utter obedience and censorship - even of the police. It also severely punishes those that break the rules or laws of political correctness, even if they are politicians, councillors, journalists and, in this case, the police. (That is, if the police had said the wrong thing - the truth.)

The fact is that Muslims did these things to these girls because they were non-Muslim. They got away with it for far too long and little seems to have been done about it in the long run. Politically-correct censorship and control has been part of the problem all along.

But some time back, former Lancashire Det Supt Mick Gradwell said that police should have ‘a more open debate’ about these issues. Was that phrase, ‘a more open debate’, a careful and PC reference to a debate about the nature of Muslim men in all these grooming cases in Blackpool and elsewhere? I hope it was. And I hope the debate at least dares to raise the possibility that Islam, and Islamic culture, encourage Muslim men to treat non-Muslim girls, and non-Muslims generally, as ‘cattle’ (as Mehdi Hasan, of the New Statesman, once called non-Muslims).

Mick Gradwell went on to put his foot further in the mud - at least as far as the police, etc. are concerned. He said:

‘There is a lot of work going on with these operations (such as Awaken) but there is a reluctance to talk openly about the full facts.’

Here we go again. This time the phrase is ‘a reluctance to talk openly about the full facts’. And yet that very same article, which was in Blackpool's The Gazette, as well as this policeman himself, committed the same sin again by not ‘openly talking about the full facts’. The full facts being the nature and status of the Muslim grooming of non-Muslim girls in Blackpool.
Afterthought: The Problem is Wider and Deeper
Here are some recent headlines that may be relevant and connected to what has just been discussed.

Every time, these newspapers, both regional and national, use the word ‘Asian’. (Just ten minutes ago there was a BBC news item about the Oldham Muslim riots in 2001. They never mentioned 'Muslims' once. They only referred to 'Asians'.)

But every time the culprits were Muslim. So I have substituted ‘Muslim’ for ‘Asian’. (And as we all know, the Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, etc. communities are not a problem in the UK. ) -

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