Sunday, 9 March 2014

Telford's Leftists: Ban all protests against Muslim paedophiles

First posted: 28 July 2011

Just in case people believe that the great and the good of the socialist Left, and their Islamist chums, only want to ban the EDL protest in the Tower Hamlets, think again. They also want to ban the upcoming demo in Telford too. And you couldn’t get two more different places and situations than this. Tower Hamlets is an Islamist stronghold in the heart of the English capital, London. Telford is a largish town that has had to deal with a Muslim grooming-and-abuse gangthat preyed on young non-Muslim girls (one of whom was only 13 years of age). But I forget, they wanted to ban the Bradford demo too. Oh yes, and the Birmingham demos. In fact, the anti-democratic Left, even without the help of their Islamist chums, have wanted to ban every EDL demo in the last two years. In fact, these distrusters of the British people want to ban the EDL itself - outright. Ahhh. Democracy, eh? Don’t you just love it?

So why is it the case that the Left wants to ban the demo in Telford? Do they think that the sexual grooming and abuse of young girls is not a good enough reason for British people to register their disgust? Or is it simply politically incorrect to highlight the vile crimes of a gang of Muslim men - not ‘Asian’ men? 

You see if these people classify the Muslim perverts as ‘Asian’ rather than ‘Muslim’, then they can racialise the EDL demo. That is, they can pretend to themselves, and to others, that the EDL is really just protesting against people because they've got brown skin; they aren’t really protesting against the systematic sexual abuse of kuffar women by Muslim men. In other words, middle-class Leftists and union activists are allowed be disgusted about such things (even when carried out by ‘Asians’), but the EDL are just too common and uncouth to really be disgusted about these things. The Leftists believe, or pretend to believe, that the EDL is simply using the Telford Muslim Abuse Case as an excuse to express pre-existing racism, which is exactly what they said about the Blackpool demo and the Charlene Downes case.

Brett Davis, president of Shropshire and Telford Trades Union Council, has said that ‘people of Telford are not racist’ and that they ‘don’t want violence’. That’s OK. The EDL is not a racist organisation and neither is it intent on violence. In fact they will be protesting against the racism of these Muslim gangs which systematically seek out white non-Muslim girls to exploit and abuse. Incidentally, in terms of violence, part of what the EDL is highlighting and protesting against is the widespread violence of the many Muslim gangs in England who loiter around the many Muslim ghettos in the UK looking for kuffar who may have strayed into Dar al-Islam.

Finally, Councillor Mike Ion
has more or less admitted that the chance - or threat - of violence isn’t really a question of the EDL at all. It is the presence of Trotskyist groups

like the the SWP/UAF at EDL demos that is at the root of the problem. More exactly, Mike Ion said that he has ‘real concerns’. Not real concerns about the behaviour of the EDL as such. But concerns about ‘groups opposed to the EDL will also take to the streets’ and thus contribute, or even solely cause, any ‘disorder’ there may be. In other words, as everybody with even half a brain already knows, most of the violence which has occurred at EDL demos has been the responsibility of these far-left groups which are trying to ‘radicalise’ or ‘revolutionise’ young people through violence and direct action; which is a classic and well-tested Trotskyist technique. 

As they say, petrol on its own is fairly safe. However, if you get too close to petrol with a flame, then the whole damn place might just explode.

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