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Sweden: The “Fake” Photo of the Muslim Gang Rape

First posted: 29 April 2013

Of late I’ve been told that I was using various “fake” images on my Facebook page. At first I thought people were just trying to be helpful. Then I realised that if someone didn’t like the image (or its message), for political and/or ideological reasons, then all he needs to say is that it’s a “fake” and therefore hope I take it down. Either that or he wants to sow suspicion in the minds of the readers.

Sure, many images are indeed fake. Nonetheless, since none of these people offered links or evidence that they were fake, then their own claims about fakery could be… well, fake.

This was true of one particular image of a Swedish victim of the Rape Jihad. One Leftist, a member Antifa (who has the image of Thatcher with an axe in her head on her Facebook page)

 started off with this claim:

Sophie Morgan: “Yawn, another fake picture.”

Then she changed her tune:

Sophie Morgan: “The woman in the photo has asked that her image is not used for hate propaganda but you crack on!”

Finally, she asks me this bizarre and desperate question:

Sophie Morgan: “Can you tell me the name of the person who raped the woman in the picture?”

She’s still asking me to name the Muslim offender; forgetting that my post wasn’t on that particular image of a woman in the first place. She admitted at one point that it was a Muslim, but not a gang. She then went on to claim that I didn’t even know it was a Muslim in the first place. Apart from the fact that there are many links on this case (she and her friends have relied on a single Guardian article), the point is that she kept on changing her argument to fit her Leftist See-No-Muslim-Evil agenda. She was, in fact, “lying for justice”; which Leftists like her always do.

Because they are fighting for goodness and justice, then why should a few lies matter in the long term? Why should many lies matter? But she’s not fighting for justice and goodness; she’s fighting for the Islamisation of Sweden and of Europe generally. More specifically, her see-no-Muslim-evil policy will result in the Rape Jihad in Sweden getting worse. That doesn’t matter either to her because Muslims are oppressed brown people and they must be supported no matter what.

The Left treats Muslims as children who are without consciences (as they used to do with the working class). Therefore they must be patronised or condescended to by Leftists like Sophie Morgan. What a racist!
Apart from this being only an accompanying image anyway, I won’t take it down. In fact I’m using it again. I’m using it again because these Leftists, who SEE NO MUSLIM EVIL, asked me to take it down. In addition, the woman in the photo is highly unlikely to see this image on my page – unless her Leftist false friends, in their fake moral outrage, tell her about it.

*) The possibly “fake” image (left) of the ex-President of Iran, Muhammad Khatami (president between 1997 and 2005) enjoying some Islamic torture in Iran. In what way, exactly, is it fake? There are many possibilities; but the accusers didn’t actually say. Are they claiming that Khatami’s image was transposed onto the image or that the whole event is fake – that is, that torture doesn’t happen in Iran? Or do they admit that torture happens but that this is still a fake image? If torture like this does happen in Iran, and it does according to many sources and investigations, then why are these Leftists making such a fuss about a fake image which may not even be fake anyway?
Here are some extracts for the conversations which ensued:

   English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: Esther ANGEL, “Muslims are more likely to be investigated” – perhaps that because they are more likely to rape or even because they have raped. The same brainless argument was used about terror-suspects. Of course Muslims were more likely to be investigated because, in the last 12 years, apart from Breivik, every terrorist outrage and plot has been carried out by Muslims. So you’ve got the chicken and egg the wrong way around.

    Your point is a case of typical Leftist dogmatism. Any investigation, any stat, any fact, which points the finger at Muslims MUST BE RACIST. It’s a simple as that… to you and to other Leftists. You mention racism yourself, as people like you always do. But it is you who are truly racist. You treat Muslims as children without free will. As people incapable of doing wrong and people without a conscience. Victims of this and that and the other but never responsible for anything. As people to PATRONISE AND FEEL SORRY FOR; just as your lot used to do with the working class. Pure racism.

    You mentioned the 12 Iraqis convicted of rape. Everyone knows that Iraqis are a tiny part of the Muslim community in Sweden, as everywhere else. They are overwhelmingly Somali and north African.

    Your source is the Guardian. What would you say if my source of contradictory stats, and stats can always be contradicted, was the Daily Mail or even the Telegraph?

    English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: Esther Angel, that detailed comment, and your devout trust in the words of a single sociologist (the “left-wing science”), hardly works against anything in my post nor the facts about Muslim rape in Sweden. How does your central point that rape stats are counted in different ways in different countries change anything?... You have focussed on a minor detail, ignored the detail of my original post, to argue… what, exactly?

    It seems that Sweden’s strong policy on recording rape statistics and details has backfired, both for the Swedish enablers of Islam and for you, Esther Angel. That is, it was a good thing until the finger was pointed at Muslims for being by far the biggest offenders. Then, all of a sudden, the stats are questioned.

    Leftists will defend Muslims NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO. They will deny reality, lie (e.g. about “fake” images), change the argument, distortion – “lying for justice”. All to stop the finger being pointed at Muslims. Pointing the finger at Muslims is, of course, racist. So lies and distortion are necessary.
English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: Readers may be interested to know that the people who have questioned my use of the image above, but ignored my actual post, got their information from a single Guardian article. And from the Guardian, the details have no doubt filtered down to Facebook leftists and suchlike. For every Guardian article on this, there are literally tens of articles which will tell you that Sweden is facing a Rape Jihad, as we are also in the UK - and that's to exclude the grooming, etc.

English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: Esther, You explicitly said your problem with me using that image was moral and not political. Yet here you are proving otherwise. Clearly your mock outrage was deceit and political; as your new comments show. Someone who was just concerned with the morality of image-use would not be on pages like this or the one you originally posted on. So please stop lying.

English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: "Hate propaganda"? Is that hateful as in the massive amounts of collective Muslim rape from Malmo to Burnley? Is it hateful to highlight this problem? Or is it "racist" and "far right" to point out the fact that Muslims think they can rape KUFFAR women - especially if they are unveiled?... Sophie, you are a racist. Like all Leftist racists, you are racist because you have double standards for the violence and rape carried out by people with brown skin.

English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: Sophie, but you said it was FAKE. Now you are contradicting yourself. I've been told the name of the woman and she was a victim of a Muslim gang. Yes, she doesn't want it used. But you said it was fake at first. Make up your mind... If she was the victim of a "far right" gang you'd use this image every day. How's Gary by the way?

English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: People keep on telling me about fake pictures. No doubt there are many fake pictures on Facebook, etc. However, if there is no evidence or a link provided by the person who makes that claim, it could simply be the case that the person just doesn't like the message being expressed by the image. It doesn't take anything or any thought to claim that an image is false. Especially if someone has a political problem with the image... Nonetheless, this sort of thing IS happening on a massive scale in Sweden... or is that fake too?

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