Friday, 7 March 2014

Shelina Janmohamed's 'Pause For Thought' on Radio 2

BBC Radio 2
Pause for Thought

Shelina Janmohamed: “I simply love the way EastEnders expresses some of the conundrums of contemporary life. They’re certainly not afraid to tackle some difficult issues, are they? And we Muslims, too, mustn’t be afraid to confront difficult issues, as Muhammad himself says in the Koran.
“And, you know, I’d love it if Ian Beale and Denise Fox (the African) made a go of it together. Though my husband, Mohammed Muhammad, often says, “Sheila”, for that’s what he sometimes calls me, “will you stop watching that filth!” 
“This reminds of a passage in the Koran in which Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, tells us of his love for EastEnders but also warns us against sexual relationships outside of marriage and says that adulterers should be stoned – but that’s the true Inward Stoning; not what’s portrayed in the Islamophobic media.
“I was walking around Birmingham city center yesterday and I came upon a can of one of these energy drinks – Spunt or something. Now I myself never bother with these drinks but I know many who do. This reminds of a passage from the Koran, sura two, in which Muhammad tells us that Spunt - available from most good Muslim-owned newsagents - is his favourite energy drink. But he also warns against the mindless hedonism that such a drink can bring about. “We must”, Muhammad says, “take it easy with these energy drinks. That’s what Allah wants from us on here on earth.”
“There’s also lot of debate on the environment these days. I do my bit – as all Muslims should do. I bought one of those energy-saving light-bulbs that light up slowly. And this reminds me of a passage in the Koran, sura 3, in which Muhammad got Aisha, Praise Be Upon Her, to buy some energy-saving light bulbs from Mecca’s own Audi. But Muhammad also tells us that we cannot live by energy-saving light bulbs alone and neither is environmentalism as important as the Peaceful Jihad. In the Inner Jihad all of us Muslims must do battle – sometimes even force is necessary -  with ourselves in order to rid us of all badnesses.
“See ya!”
Video link below: Shelia telling use why Christianity is Eurocentric, inward-looking, white and that why a former Pope offended millions of Muslims and stirred up rage... Apart from that, she believes Interfaith to be a very good thing... for Muslims and Islam.

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