Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sharia Tills at Marks & Spencer

First posted: 23rd December, 2013

"Muslim staff working for Marks & Spencer have been given permission to refuse to serve customers buying alcohol or pork products." (See link.)

That's incredible! I knew that Muslims refused to work on tills which dealt with alcohol and pork. But this is something different entirely! Now Muslim workers are allowed to "refuse to serve customers". This is not just a case of Muslims not working in suspect parts of kuffar businesses. This will create incredible complications, embarrassment and, I hope, intense customer anger.

Come to think of it, it would never have worked that Muslim workers simply found tills or specific parts of supermarkets, businesses, etc. which didn't deal with alcohol and pork. All tills deal with alcohol. Therefore the only solution left was to allow Muslims to refuse to serve the filthy drunken kuffar.

I really think this is a good thing because it will annoy so many people. And if it happens to me, I will create hell.

Muslims, as ever, are testing the water. Every victory for sharia law is inspiration for the next battle - which will be tomorrow. Who knows? Muslims who don't want to deal with goods which come from Israel? Hah! Too late - that's already happened in some supermarkets! What about goods that come from the US (the "Crusader Invader" of Iraq, etc.)? What about companies which deal with Wonga or who sell pig-related products (even when the product itself is not pork)? The variations are endless.

This is just the latest battle in the war for complete sharia. Literally every day some new battle-for-sharia occurs. In fact, the battle-for-sharia is just as important as sharia itself for many Muslims. That battle, jihad, dawah, whatever you want to call it, is what makes a Muslim a Muslim. Conflict, struggle (as Hitler called it), jihad, is part of what Islam is.

Fighting for sharia law is almost as important as sharia law itself to many Muslims. Through that fight, or 'struggle', Muslims discover their Muslim/Islamic identity. That's why some Muslims are still fighting for more-and-yet-more sharia law in theocratic countries like Iran and Afghanistan. In other words, Muslim demands for this and that aren't going to stop any time soon. The fight for full sharia law in over 1400 years old and has created havoc, pain and global suffering  throughout those many centuries.

What the fu*k are we playing at in this country?


The best thing to do is complain to the manager. However, he's already agreed to sharia tills. But that doesn't matter. Still complain. Make a loud fuss. Question the Muslim server. Say your time is being wasted by their looking for a kuffar server - which may well take some time. Do anything to create a problem.

After they've found a new server, go back into the supermarket, buy another can of beer and do exactly the same thing again – and pick the same Muslim server. And keep on doing this - if you have enough cash.

Best to create an impact rather just get angry. Why not say: "I refuse to be served by a Muslim!" If he or she refuses to serve you, then refuse to be served by him. After all, alcohol is a far less contentious issue than enforced sharia. See how that goes down at Marks and Spencer.

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