Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sharia in the UK

Sharia law’s not that bad, is it? Yes it is. It is the worst thing that could happen to England. It would destroy everything about our culture and our traditions. Everything. Our political and legal traditions would be utterly transformed. But so too would our culture. Our music. Our dress even. The newspapers we read. Everything. Sharia law is why Islamic cultures are so at odds with our own.

More politically:

There would be no freedom of religion.
No freedom of speech.
No freedom of thought even.
No freedom of the press.
No equality for non-Muslims generally – that is, dhimmitude for every non-Muslim.

You wonder why Islamic societies haven’t advanced that much. You wonder why Spain publishes more books in one year than every Muslim state has in hundreds of years. All this is because of sharia law.

Examples of Sharia Law
Sharia law clashes violently with British law.

Under sharia law, a man may have up to four wives. Mohammed himself at one time had eleven wives. We call this polygamy.

Under sharia law a girl can be contracted for marriage at any age. The marriage can be consummated when she is eight or nine. What do we call this in the UK? We can it paedophilia.

Under sharia law the testimony of a woman is worth half of that of a man. Again, we call this sexism.

Under sharia law a man can beat his wife. We call that domestic abuse.

Under sharia law adultery is punishable by lashing or stoning to death. We call this sadistic torture.

The same goes for Islamic amputations for stealing a loaf of bread. Sick and beyond contempt.

Under sharia law non-Muslims are not equal to Muslims. We call this dhimmitude and it is the fate which awaits all of us if we don’t get our shit together.

Under sharia law a Muslim who rejects Islam must be killed. This is one of the reasons why Islam has lasted so long and is embraced by so many. Very few people genuinely embrace Islam. It is passed on in the family. And because criticism of Islam, or rejection of Islam, is not allowed, no wonder Islam has survived so long and has so many followers.

Sharia law already exists in Europe and here in the UK. There are 85 sharia courts in the UK. In France, mainly in Paris but also in places like Calais, whole neighbourhoods are controlled by Muslims and in these Islamoghettoes sharia law is imposed. The French police call them ‘no-go-zones’ and they are allowed to be no-go-zones! That’s our terrible fate. This situation is replicated in Holland, in Sweden, in Norway and in other European countries.

UK Muslims and Sharia Law
Muslims can’t be Muslims without sharia law. Or without adhering to sharia law. This means that in England Muslims feel that they cannot really be proper Muslims because they are not following sharia law. And that’s why Muslims will never stop demanding sharia law. Not only that. When they have gained sharia law in small domestic and legal matters, they will continue to demand more accommodations from the British state. And this state of affairs is bound to carry on until Muslims have complete sharia law. Either in the UK as a whole, or in the Muslim enclaves.

This must serve as a warning to the EDL – to every non-Muslim. Firstly, we will continually hear the Muslim whine for sharia laws here and there. But not only that. Once we allow tiny aspects of sharia law to prevail in Muslim communities, in the manner envisaged by that pious, feeble beardo, Rowan Williams, Muslims will never stop their demands. Never. Not until they have complete sharia law – that is how it is today in the Islamic world. And that is how it’s been over the last 1,400 years.

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