Friday, 7 March 2014

Pakistani Sexual Perversity in the UK

“It is forbidden for Muslim men to have sex with Muslim women who are married. You can have sex with your unbeliever slaves and with the other infidel women or girls you own. Allah has said you can do this. Sex with the kuffar is lawful; but only if you treat them as your property and do not have loving relations with them.”  Koran, verse 4:24
Have you noticed that these Muslim Pakistani hooligans are obsessed by sexual abuse, "fucking your mother" and then "pissing on her", “shitting on your sister”, etc? They’re utterly obsessed with sexual degradation and sexual humiliation. Sometimes they’re also obsessed with violence which doesn’t have a sexual component. And the bizarre and terrible thing is: they openly show it on Facebook pages and suchlike (as in the image above). They don’t feel guilty about their perversity and love of sexual violence; just as none of the Pakistani - and other Muslim - groomers don’t display an iota of guilt or regret. They believe there’s nothing to feel guilty about because the sexual violence they carry out and fantasise about is only – or mainly? - committed against kuffar women.

What do you expect from Muslims who follow a religion of hate, and which practices and promotes sexual humiliation and degradation? These Muslim me can hardly separate sex from rape and other forms of sexual degradation. That's why these people are sexual deviants who are psychologically and behaviourally disturbed. So much show that they display their depravity openly. Over ten years or so, I have seen hundreds of passages like the above on Facebook, Twitter and on the Internet generally. More disturbingly, I have heard tens of Pakistani and other Muslims use this kind of language in Keighley, Bradford, Birmingham, London and other places in the UK.

Pakistan, the country which spawned most of these rapists, groomers and deviants, has numerous rapes every single day. Except they don't officially or religiously recognise rape... as a crime committed by men against women. That is, the rape victim is nearly always punished for being raped and often imprisoned or sometimes worse. She is accused of illegal sexual intercourse. In Islamic sharia law it is called the crime of zina.

Pakistan is probably the Rape Capital of the world. These UK sexual deviants want to export this Pakistani vice to the UK.

Islam and the Koran have truly got into their heads. All that sexual slavery, concubinage, the Rape Jihad, the grooming and slavery of the infidel or “unbeliever”. All the sexual deviancy of the Koran and Mohammed is distilled into the small brains of these Pakistani hooligans.

And I didn't even mention Mohammed's paedophilia!

Proving Rape in Pakistan

‘I wish I had been born when the Arabs buried their daughters alive. Even that would have been better than this torture.’

‘If any of your women are guilty of lewdness, take the evidence of four (reliable) witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do claim them, or Allah ordain for them some (other) way.’- Koran

The problem for a Pakistani woman who has been raped is that she requires four Muslim adult males of ‘good repute’ to testify in order for her to prove that the rape has actually occurred. Now; because men are often unwilling to speak out against other males when it comes to rape (in Pakistan especially), and the added possibility that they may know or be friends with the rapist, this makes it almost impossible for the woman to find such male testifiers. This goes alongside the unlikelihood that four men would have witnessed the rape in the first place.

So even if there were four sympathetic Muslim men to testify, they would hardly be likely to have witnessed the rape. (Though, of course, some rapes are indeed witnessed.) Not only that. These non-existent male witnesses, if they had been there at the time of the rape, would still be required to prove to the Islamic authorities that actual penetration had occurred.

Because the raped woman is highly unlikely to have four males who can testify for her that the rape has occurred, the result is that she herself may well be charged for ‘illicit sexual intercourse’. The rapist will then go free.

To top all of this. If the raped woman becomes pregnant, this is also taken as an ‘admission’, or a proof, that adultery or fornication has taken place with the woman’s actual consent. Thus she would be even more likely to be charged. Why pregnancy is a proof, or an admission, that actual rape has not occurred is hard to fathom. But one can guess that it will have something to do with Islamic theology.

If men can officially and literally get away with rape in Islamic Pakistan, what do you think the consequence of this is? Yes, you’ve got it. More rapes. Not only more rapes; but many more rapes. So many that Pakistan has one of the highest rates of rape in the world. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s annual report, one woman is raped every three hours in Pakistan. One in two of these rapes are against juveniles.

Now of course rape exists in every country. But not every country has a religion, Islam, and a system, sharia law, which basically makes it legal to rape women.

To conclude. Many Pakistani women are effectively found guilty of being raped. They then go to prison where they are often raped again. (Are they found guilty of being raped in prison as well?)

After President Zia’s ‘Islamisation programme’ in the 1990s, the number of attacks on women increased (as happened in the case of the ‘Islamisation of Afghanistan’ by the Taliban). After the passage of the Sharia Bill in 1991, things got even worse.

All this shows a direct connection between sharia law, or Islam itself, and violence against women. As one woman put it:

‘The sharia bill is a means to control women and marginalise them instead of bringing in just order. It is a law that facilitates aggression against women but ignores the corruption in the country and it disregards violence against women.’

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