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Muslims' Pretend Distinction Between Zionists & (Genuine) Jews

'We Muslims are only against Zionists.'

i)                    Zionism from Judaism
In one breath, many Muslims criticise Jews in terms of their religion – Judaism. In the next breath they criticise Zionist Jews for betraying Judaism and therefore becoming ‘secularists’. So there is an ostensible dichotomy here between Judaism and the Zionist Jews who are secular.  But in their third breath, many Muslims will also say that ‘Zionism is a political outgrowth of Judaism’. That basically means that Judaism itself was bound to have led to something as ‘evil’ as Zionism.

For example, one Hezbollah MP, Muhammad Fnaysh, says, again in one breath, that Zionism is unrelated to Judaism because of its secular nature. In Fnaysh’s next breath he says that Zionism is a ‘Torah and Talmudic ideology’. Not only that. These ‘secular Jews’, the Zionists, are also fulfilling God’s promise of the land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendants (Genesis 17:8).

So are the Zionists secular Jews or are they the genuine followers of Judaism? To many Muslims they are both. Why is that? Because logic doesn’t matter when it comes to Islam’s ancient battle with the Jews. What matters is the destruction of the Jews.  And if self-contradictory claims contribute to that destruction of the Jews, then those claims must be used even if they do contradict one another.

This pseudo Muslim distinction between real Jews and secular Zionists is problematic in another way. For a start, many Muslims, millions of them, believe that most Jews are Zionist anyway. They believe that there are very few genuine Jews who abide by genuine Judaism. Perhaps none do so! (But Muslims must surely include their Leftist enablers such as Chomsky, Finklestein, as anti-Zionist Jews. Unless, despite everything these Jewish leftists say and do for Muslims and the Palestinians, they are still Jews to them. That is, not even anti-Zionist Jews can escape from their religion and culture – no matter how hard they try. Or is it that they can’t escape from their blood?)

All this is a wild goose-chase because many Muslims don’t really accept either Judaism or ‘good Jews’ anyway! The bogus distinctions above are just theoretical - or even theological - stratagems to defeat the Jews. In the end it is Judaism that millions of Muslims are fundamentally against; not only Zionism and ‘secular Jews’. And there is a mass of evidence which can easily show this.
You'll often find these Jewish literalists marching with both Leftist and Muslim literalists against the 'evil Zionist state'.

Following on from this, it won’t be a surprise anyone that many Muslims, when they are speaking to other Muslims and not to leftists, the Guardian and the Church of Interfaith, often say ‘the Jewish entity’ rather than ‘the Zionist entity’.
But let Muslims speak for themselves about this ostensible Islamic/Muslim distinction between Judaic Jews and Zionists. Let Shaykh Na’im Qasim speak for many Muslims. He says:

“The history of Jews has proven that, regardless of the Zionist proposal, they are a people who are evil in their ideas… [the Jews have always] created mischief for people…”

Just to quickly round-off. The current hatred of Israel and Zionists has many precedents in Islamic history. Precedents which go all the way back to Muhammad himself. For example, at many demos against Israel or Zionists, Muslims (sometimes shoulder-to-shoulder with non-Muslims who are almost always of a totalitarian-left persuasion) chant the well-known Islamic victory-chant: ‘Khaybar, Khaybar ya Yahud, jayshu Muhammad sawfa ya’ud.’ (‘Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return.’)

ii)                  Jewish Racism

To show the reality of this pretend-distinction between Zionists and Judaic Jews we can take Muslim claims of Jewish ‘racism’ (a notion stolen from Western left-wingers). Such Muslims, and their Leftist enablers, make much of the fact that Israel ‘is the only country to grant citizenship according to the criterion of religion’ Really? Pakistan was specifically created exclusively for Muslims. Jordan does not allow Jews to become citizens. Beyond these two examples, we have a whole host of Islamic and Muslim states which may or may not allow other religious groups to become citizens. That doesn’t stop these states from being Islamic or Muslim and it doesn’t stop them from treating non-Muslim groups as dhimmis. Afghanistan (not only Taliban-controlled areas) sees itself as an exclusively Islamic or Muslim state. In the past Afghans have persecuted or killed all the other religious groups in their Dar al-Islam over the last few hundred years. It has even destroyed every last church in the country as well as having destroyed all remnants – such as the massive Buddhist statues – of all the other religions. Similar things, though perhaps not as bad, have happened in Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gaza and so on.

Apart from Israel being a ‘racist state’, Muslims think that Zionists – and Jews – are racist. They often talk about Jews seeing themselves as ‘the chosen people’… And Muslims don’t think they too are the chosen people? Of course they do! And they repeatedly say such a thing. (Of course they don’t use the words ‘Muslims are the chosen people’ but that doesn’t matter one bit.) Muslims are supremely arrogant about all other religious groups; as well as about ‘atheists’ and ‘secularists’. Indeed millions of Muslims want to kill or subjugate every person who dares not to be a Muslim. Doesn’t this sound as if Muslims see themselves as the chosen people? Of course it does.

Not only that. The Global Jihad claims dozens of lives every day primarily because the Muslim chosen people are killing and bombing all the peoples who have not been chosen by Allah. Those non-chosen peoples who live in Islamic or Muslim states are either killed, subjugated or treated as dhimmis. Muslims have even enslaved people for not being the Muslim chosen people. When have Jews done anything comparable to anything in that long list of Muslim arrogance and chosenness?

There may be things in the ancient Jewish texts which clash with modern ears. That’s true about Christianity and indeed all religions. Why single out passages from Jewish texts? So why do I single out texts from the Koran? Because millions of Muslims still abide – literally! - by that book and kill by that book. In addition to that. In Judaism and Christianity there have been theological traditions and systems of interpretation which have added to the original texts. (Muslims stress this themselves.) The existence of such traditions is anathema to Muslims. They are keen to tell us that ‘everything’s in the Koran’ or at least in the Koran, the hadiths and the Sunnah. Despite that, the Koran is still the unchangeable word of Allah. Full stop. Everything written in that book must be adhered to. Even interpretation is only carried out in the context of the passages which are still unclear. But if they are clear, or can be clearly applied to contemporary cases, then there can be no interpretation.

So perhaps all these Islamic or Muslim accusations that the Jews believe they are ‘the chosen people’, who are ‘racist’, and that they are ‘stained with aggression, depravity and the shedding of blood’, are simply clear and fantastical cases of psychological projection. That’s why they speak of Israeli ‘genocide’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ because they know that’s exactly what they would do had they the power and means to do so. If Muslims or Palestinians had the power and the means, five million Israelis would be slaughtered within a week. If Muslims had the power and the means worldwide, millions upon millions of those who are not members of the Muslim Chosen People would be slaughtered; even more than are being slaughtered today!

The thing is; Israel does have the power – today! – to obliterate the Palestinians from the face of the earth - but it does not do so. It has had that power for sixty years and it still hasn’t done so. This makes all claims of ‘ethnic cleansing’, ‘genocide’ and the rest ridiculous in the extreme.

We must conclude, then, that not even leftists and Muslims really believe there has ever been genocide against the Palestinians. But that word, ‘genocide’, just like ‘Occupation’ (with a platonic ‘O’) and ‘Nazi state’, do the business for the leftist and Muslim cause – the annihilation of Israel. Such words are word-weapons used against Israel primarily because they are mindlessly repeated by leftists – not just students – throughout the world. The automated users of such words have a profound effect on world-opinion towards the Israelis; which is precisely why these words are used.

iii)                Jews as a Race

I think that Muslims, and their leftist enablers, are wrong when they claim that Jews and Zionists believe that Jews not only constitute a religious group, but also a race. How can that be the case when Israeli Jews are black, brown and even yellow? Israeli Jews come from all over the place. Many of them are Arabic Jews. Some are Jews from African countries such as Ethiopia. Then there are Slavs, Germans, Spanish, etc. Jews. How can that big pot of different races constitute a ‘racist state’ or nation?

In any case, what is the Jewish ‘race’? Scientifically, there’s no such thing. Various things unite all Jews: Judaism, their traditions, culture and history; not their race or even their ethnic makeup. But this doesn’t matter because the accusations of ‘Israeli racism’ were and still are stolen from the Marxist left as a means to annihilate Israel. The obsession with the Jewish race, on the other hand, was stolen from another group of totalitarians – the Nazis. None of this concentration on race is originally a Muslim tradition. At least not until groups like the Muslim Brotherhood (from the 1920s onwards) and others adopted or stole views from both the totalitarian Nazis and the totalitarian left. Both groups were and are obsessed by race. Both groups were and are obsessed by the Jews. So both groups fuse on the Jews and on so much else.

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