Saturday, 8 March 2014

MPACUK Wants Muslims to Be More Extreme

First posted: 6th February, 2011

[Are these images extreme enough, MPACUK?]

We should be concentrating more on MPACUK, the Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim Association of Britain, etc. than on Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC). The former are far more powerful and they have the funds, etc.

The average age of MAC is about 21. They are mainly Muslim yoofs who have just found religion. The MAB and MCB, on the other hand, are part of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is itself, in many ways, more dangerous than even al-Qaeda.

See the post below by MPACUK. 'It is time that Muslims became a little bit more extreme....' More extreme?! My God!

Melanie Phillips, etc. have always known that MAC is actually a relatively harmless group of Muslim yoofs who like to shock people, whereas MPACUK is far more dangerous.

Extremism in the Pursuit of Liberty is No Vice; Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue
Sun 3 Oct 2010
MPACUK calls on Muslims to get a little extreme; no we call on Muslims to get very extreme. The time for moderation is over, the time for passive acceptance is gone, no longer are we held back by empty platitudes of ‘serving the community’. Muslims need to get active and get vocal now, we need to demand full accountability of our Police force, and break all links with West Midlands Police until those who were responsible for the attempted internment of the Muslim community are given their P45’s or better still shown the inside of a cell.

Muslims were lied to and deceived by the West Midlands Police.

In a systematic and underhand way, to change the perception of the community, and gain support from the Muslim community for their own internment by playing on their fears. To hide important information on the involvement of private military contractors in the formulation of a ‘net of ANPR’ cameras. To remove all elements of counter-terror insignia from important documents in order to deceive elected officials as to the true nature of the scheme, by using the Safer Birmingham Partnership (SBP) to subvert the law, by bypassing planning permission and using SBP to give a false impression of the nature of the scheme and then ignoring their response. Most importantly however, totally and utterly disregarding the human rights of the Muslim community.

West Midlands Police Service should be ashamed of itself, "sorry" is not enough, we demand full accountability and we demand career ending action, so that no other community or group of people are subject to flagrant disregard of the law, human rights and ethics as the MUSLIMS in Sparkbrook and Washwood Heath were subjected to by those paid to ‘Protect and Serve’.

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