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MPACUK predicts and wants a riot in Blackburn

First posted: 31st March, 2011

"MPACUK calls on Muslims to get a little extreme; no we call on Muslims to get very extreme. The time for moderation is over, the time for passive acceptance is gone, no longer are we held back by empty platitudes of ‘serving the community’. Muslims need to get active and get vocal now, we need to demand full accountability of our Police force, and break all links with West Midlands Police until those who were responsible for the attempted internment of the Muslim community are given their P45’s or better still shown the inside of a cell."
- MPACUK, 2010 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Image left: 'The Blackburn Resistance'. Is this what MPACUK wants from Blackburn's non-Islamist ('conservative') Muslims? Perhaps if democracy doesn't work for them. That is, if they cannot use Western democracy to destroy Western democracy, as fellow Islamists the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas have attempted to do in the Arab world with rather less democratic regimes (Egypt and Palestine).]

Comments on the MPACUK's blog post, 'Will Blackburn Muslims Only Learn When Riots Happen & Mosques Burn?', 20th May, 2010. (Comments are in red.)


MPACUK is well aware of Blackburn - we fought an election campaign there a few years ago. [That is an explicit statement of how MPACUK sees itself. It says that ‘we fought an election campaign’ – in Blackburn. Now that’s odd because MPACUK isn’t a political party. No one votes for it. No one can vote for it. Yet it ‘fought an election campaign’. When the Sun claimed stuff like that, the Left collectively felt its brow and began to feel faint. Especially when the Sun said that ‘it was us what won it’ (the campaign against Neil Kinnock, I think). Yet this ‘Muslim media/political website’, or whatever it is, is a self-proclaimed fighter of elections. Not only that. A self-proclaimed fighter of UK elections for Muslims and for Muslims only.] The mosques even beat us up for trying to unseat Jack Straw. [There - not only a ‘political campaign’ by MPACUK in Blackburn, but an official policy – that of ‘unseating Jack Straw’. Why was that? Because he said something ‘insulting’ or ‘offensive’ about Muslim women at his surgeries in Blackburn.] They were more interested in getting planning permission for more mosques than they were about a million deaths in Iraq. All this was caught on camera in the Documentary Operation Muslim Vote. [In other words, Blackburn’s mosques are not Islamist enough. They are just plain Muslims. Islamists, being essentially and specifically political Muslims, prioritise the ‘million [Muslim] deaths in Iraq’ carried about by non-Muslims – the kuffar. (Actually, most deaths have been a result of Muslim-on-Muslim violence, whether the Muslim insurgents killing Muslim civilians, or Shia killing Sunni, or Sunni killing Shia, etc. Not to forget that a Muslim, Saddam Hussein, was largely responsible for the whole damn mess in the first place.] What we discovered was more shocking than losing an election battle. It was a town that was so segregated thanks to the insular nature of the Muslim community leaders that we had never seen anything like it. It was a race riot waiting to happen. [Don’t be too impressed by this confession of Muslim self-ghettoisation from Muslims themselves. There is an Islamist bomb in this nice-looking package.] Muslims and non-Muslims didn't even live on the same street and that's just how the Mosque Leaders liked it. Closed off and inward-looking they even practiced an inward separatist version of Islam, the 'perfect yourself - don't get involved with the world' version. [There again we have a hint at the blatant Islamist position of MPACUK against the ‘conservative Muslims’ of Blackburn. It is not that these conservative Muslims are ‘separatists’ per se. Or that they are indeed ‘inward-looking’ per se. No. Their real crime is that they are not political Muslims – Islamists. That is, in both the conservative Christian and Muslim manner Blackburn’s (some?) Muslim leaders believe a Muslim should ‘perfect [him]self –don’t get involved with the world version’ of Islam. That is… and do what instead?

Well, firstly become Islamists like, say, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Jamaat-e-Islami, etc. Then do something about the ‘millions of deaths’ in Iraq. Then demand radical change to the Islamic institutions and the Muslim leaders in Blackburn. Etc. Most of all, Blackburn’s Muslims should become more political – more Islamist, not less! Thus, as good Islamists, they don’t believe in Muslim self-ghettoisation. Not because they believe in integration in Blackburn but because they believe that Muslims should get out there – in Blackburn! - and start selling Islam, or doing da’wah, to non-Muslims. In other words, they should be spreading Islam amongst Blackburn’s non-Muslims rather than being satisfied with the ghettos they have already created for themselves.

MPACUK wants a jihad – if non-violent (political, like the Muslim Brotherhood) – against all non-Muslims in Blackburn. It wants its Islamist message spread everywhere in Blackburn, not just in its Muslim ghettos. That is why Blackburn’s conservative Muslims have got it wrong. Not because they have created Muslim ghettos per se. Not because they are against integration. No. MPACUK is against Muslim ghettos and non-integration because such things work against political Islam – Islamism – and its relentless demand that Islam should be spread everywhere and that Islam should have a foot in every door.

Thus MPACUK is indefinitely far more of a threat to Blackburn’s non-Muslims than the conservative Muslims they decry. This is not a surprise. On its website this group has repeatedly demanded that Muslims become ‘more extreme’ and more demanding – hence, more political and thus more Islamist. That is why I have often argued on this blog that MPACUK, or at least its methods and aims, are far more dangerous than Muslims Against Crusades and Anjem Choudary.] Remember this article, because we predict bad things for Blackburn and the Muslims there will have no one to blame but themselves. The British town with more mosques than any other will someday see them razed to the ground. [Again, read what you have just read carefully. This is not an argument against ‘bad things for Blackburn and the Muslims’. This is not an argument against the predicated events which will lead to mosques being ‘razed to the ground’. This is an argument that Blackburn’s Muslims are not prepared for these predicted future events. They will not be ready, as conservative Muslims rather than Islamists, to win the riots which are bound to occur. Blackburn’s ‘conservative’ Muslims will not be equipped, ideologically through Islamism, to make the most of the ‘bad things’ which MPACUK prophesy. The Muslims of Blackburn will not come out on top unless they embrace MPACUK’s Islamism and thus have all the means they will require to win all future battles against Blackburn's kuffar.

This post by MPACUK is extreme and frightening enough to show the EDL, and everyone else for that matter, how extreme some Muslims are and what they want and, in this case, what they are planning. Muslims Against Crusades have nothing as cynical and as straightforwardly political as this up their sleeves.

Think about how all this post has been expressed by MPACUK. There’s nothing explicit in it about 'converting the royal family to Islam' or 'turning the Houses of Parliament into a giant mosque'. MPACUK is far too wily for the Muslim buffoonery Anjem Choudary and his teenage gang offer us. MPACUK has all the guile and all political tricks which Trotskyists have and use. And they can, in theory at least, be just as dangerous to Blackburn as the Trots are to student cities, our universities, etc. The sad fact is, the community in Blackburn only learn one way - the hard way. [The easy way would be for Blackburn to become an Islamist stronghold in the North West of England. Possibly with a member of MPACUK as one of its major leaders.] The only question that remains to be answered is that has this begun now, that the Muslims of Blackburn have re-elected Jack Straw? [What a crime! Not only to elect a kuffar, but also, supposedly, a Jew!!! A Jew who said evil things about Blackburn’s Muslimah’s wearing that symbol of Islamism - the burka!]
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