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MPACUK - Know This Islamist Organisation!

First posted: 26th February, 2011

Know your enemies. Know MPACUK (Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK)

Comments on the MPACUK article, 'EDL: Greater Unity than Muslims?', 14.2.2011. [EDL Extra comments are in red.]


For two years, we have been seeing demonstrations up and down the country by the EDL – a fascist group, whose unfounded hatred is directed towards Muslims. Most demonstrations have ended with violence and the arrest of EDL members. [A ‘fascist group’ that believes in parliamentary democracy? MPACUK doesn’t. That isn't supremacist? MPACUK is. That isn't based on a single religion? MPACUK is. That isn't anti-Semitic? MPACUK is. That isn't totalitarian and a believer in a brutal totalitarian law? MPACUK is?

‘Unfounded hatred’ of Islam? Is that like unfounded hatred for Nazis or paedophiles? EDL hatred for Islam is actually well-founded. It is founded upon thousands of points against Islam. Is that founded enough for MPACUK?]

Groups such as the UAF and MDL started organising counter demonstrations. A few people in Birmingham started to lobby and campaign against having the EDL in their city, with some success as they were prevented from marching through Birmingham. Even then, there was still violence. [The violence at Birmingham’s August 5th was initiated by Salma Yaqoob, of No Respect, when she encouraged Muslims to riot by screaming, ‘Whose streets? [Muslims’] streets! Whose streets? [Muslims’] streets!’ After that, Muslims went marauding around Birmingham city centre attacking everyone who looked like a non-Muslim. They didn’t even get anywhere near the EDL. Any kuffar would do that day!]

The EDL don't have the support of the masses. They're not the most intelligent group of people - they often get drunk and fight amongst themselves - hardly the signs of a disciplined, intelligent organisation. [And MPACUK and Muslims generally do have the support of the masses? In any case, no one really has the support of the masses –not the Labour/Conservative Party, not the SWP, not No Respect, not the Islamists. However, the EDL’s support has grown faster and bigger than any other political group in the past few decades. MPACUK should suck on that. And it knows it! Hence this and its many other articles on the EDL!]

Yet, we see them, almost 2 years on since their birth still demonstrating - why? Is it because they really believe that Muslims are a threat? [Yes we do!] Is it because these drunken louts are that 'steadfast' in their 'cause'? [Yes we are!] People of this unintelligent, fascist character wouldn't just hate Muslims, they'd hate all minorities [any proof of that?], yet they haven't yet directed any of their hate towards anyone else and are insistent it's just Muslims they're after, because Muslims are a 'threat'. Muslims are clearly not a threat so why then are these people so insistent on saying so? [‘Clearly not a threat’? Over a hundred non-Muslims die every day as a result of the Global Jihad. That’s not a threat?] Who's backing them and driving them? We know of their Tea Party support, a well-financed group, so are these thugs being funded to continue 'demonstrating' against and attacking Muslims? [‘Tea Party support’, if it is support, is merely verbal. Nothing more. No funds. Why are Muslims so conspiratorial and paranoid? Is it because their views aren’t based on facts or evidence - thus the psychotic conspiracies must run fast and loose.] The Tea Party agenda regarding Muslims is fairly clear thanks to their Zionist entities: Muslims are a threat - oppress and silence them. The Zionist threat is the biggest threat to Muslims around the world. They cleverly pick up on and sniff out any potential 'support' even in the form of yobs. Muslims, however, are happy to continue dividing themselves, while the enemy rules. [Psychotic twaddle. Conspiracy theories gone freaking wild.]

Whatever other reasons for the EDL to be staying strong, the main thing is that they know they don't have enough resistance from Muslims themselves. [MPACUK suggesting that Muslims get more violent and more extreme, as it has explicitly said in its articles? How the freak can Muslims become more extreme? By killing each other? Oh, they already do that!] Yes, the MDL and UAF are some deterrent, but where are the rest of the Muslims? Most Muslims are too engrossed in other matters to even know what threat they are faced with. Where are the Masjids? Surely they should be the first to advocate defending yourself and the Muslim community? Despite Masjids being attacked they are still silent. There are so many Muslim organisations: why have they not stood up? Why is it that 2 years later is it still the responsibility of relatively small groups to try and counter this violent bunch of thugs? Shame on all Muslims who are still not standing up to defend themselves, especially the Masjids who should be at the forefront of spreading our Prophet's Sunnah of fighting for freedom.

There are more EDL demonstrations planned and no doubt there will be more violence. [Which MPACUK would love.] The EDL shouldn't just be dismissed as a group of thugs - each time they're out, their message of Muslim hatred is spread. Their success is the success of Zionists whose agenda is far more sinister and deeper than having a few racist chants and brawls. [Oh no! Not Zionists again! Change the tune MPACUK! Can’t these people utter a single sentence without including the word ‘Zionist’ or ‘Zionism’ in it? It seems Zionist not Zionist.]

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