Sunday, 9 March 2014

"Most groomers/paedophiles are white, not Muslim"

'Most groomers and paedophiles are white, not Muslim'

Hah! A classic soundbite and a classic statistical deceit.

Take a fictional town or city in which only one percent of the population is Muslim. Of course most groomers and paedophiles in that town or city will be white. Now say there are five percent Muslims in that town or city; the same will likely be true in that case too. You can keep this argument up even until the overall percentage of Muslims in the town is as much as 30 percent. Beyond that, though, the situation will indeed change.


If in that first example of 1% Muslims in the overall population, Muslims also made up 1% of the figures for sexual grooming, that would be what you would expect. However, the chances are that Muslim groomers, as a percentage of all groomers, would greatly exceed 1%.


Consider the real cases of places where Muslims make up from 1.7% (Colchester), to 24.7% (Bradford), all the way to 36% (Tower Hamlets) of the overall population; often the ratios are far higher when it comes to sexual offenders (especially in the case of sexual grooming). For example, there are cases in which Muslims make up 5% percent of a town or city yet account for nearly all sexual groomers.


In others words, simply citing the percentage of the overall population of a town or city who are Muslim groomers or paedophiles will be misleading, and the same goes for the entire UK. What has to be stated is the percentage of groomers or paedophiles who are Muslims. That makes a big difference.

For example, according to Al Jazeera, this was the reality in 2013 (29th June):

"[A study] done in 2011 looked at 2,300 potential offenders who had been caught grooming. Of the 940 whose race could be identified, 26 percent were Asian, while 38 percent were white."

Now here we see another problem – that ubiquitous and insulting term (to the Chinese, Indians, Japanese, etc.) – 'Asian'. It is clear that almost all of these 'Asian' groomers were Muslims. In addition we can ask: What about Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, North African, etc. Muslim groomers – were they classed as 'Asian' too?

Instead of percentages, we can express the reality in terms of numbers. For example, another survey found that 367 groomers were white and 346 were Asian (yes, that term again!). Again, even though the numbers and proportion of Muslims are very high, the areas or towns and cities we are talking about will still need to be addressed too.

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