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Mo (Muhammad) Ansar: the BBC's Nice Muslim

First posted: 10 December 2012

The real Muhammad Ansar.
The parodist's version of Muhammad Ansar.
This is how deep Islamists like Muhammad Ansar have penetrated kuffar society in his own town of Southampton. The event was sponsored by Southampton City Council.

The man, Muhammad Ansar, is an expert dawah-pusher. He has the image of a jovial and jolly monk with all his liberal references to 1980s pop culture and stuff. But he’s also a severe social conservative. He always mentions the sexual degeneracy of the West: “white Western slags” (the Islamic ideology of justified grooming and rape) with short skirts. On Twitter, white liberals and leftists love him.
I checked this guy out. You won't believe this. He was on that Sunday Morning BBC show, The Big Questions (see video), with Nicky Campbell. It was a debate about the "far right". Tommy Robinson was on it. Tommy correctly stated that Saudi Arabian Wahhabis funded 70% of British mosques. Not only did this Media Muslim, Muhammad Ansar, deny that. He even claimed to have never heard the word "Wahhabism".  Can you believe how blatant his lies are? Of course you can. Because only Tommy would have known that fact on that show (as well as the Muslims). Nicky Campbell would have had no idea. 
Incidentally, Tommy was out-numbered five-to-one on that programme. He shouldn't have gone on it. Nick Cohen once said that the BBC Radio 4 asked him to appear on a programme on Islamism, etc. When he got there, he was out-numbered, again, by about five-to-one (all Leftists and Islamists). If I remember rightly, Nick Cohen simply left - outraged.
Tommy should never have gone on that programme. There were two leftists, that Media Muslim and his Muslim friend and only Tommy defending his position. The EDL should check out who the official guests are. You can never win an argument in this context when you're out-numbered.

*) Muhammad Ansar has defended the Wahhabis (despite his denials) in Saudi Arabia destroying the "idols" of other religions. He also talked about the antisemitism of the 1930s (on the video) - can you believe it??? Every Muslim friend and associate of this man will believe in the annihilation of Israel. Many of them will also believe in the extermination of all Jews. You can see Tommy responding to Muhammad Ansar's taqiyya-reference to “antisemitism in the 1930s”. But they didn't let him point out the hypocrisy. There's a good chance that Dr Leftist, Matthew Goodwin, will relate very strongly to the Islamist and Islamic hatred of the Jews - or the Zionists and Israel.

But, because Islamists rely, massively, on leftist and liberal help, they know that the compulsory references to ‘Nazis’, ‘human rights’, the ‘racism of Israel’, etc. will titillate their leftist enablers; thus they throw in such references. The left is intellectually redundant and brain-dead on all issues Islamic. Their ideology makes them blind to mass abuse and their own hypocrisy.
Dr Leftist, Matthew Goodwin (facing Tommy in the studio) has written tons of stuff defending Islam and Muslim behaviour. He rationalises all this by pretending it's all simply a pious defence of immigrants or of immigration. Tommy is not an extremist - this man is. What can be more extreme than supporting mass immigration (solely for ideological reasons) and always defending - no questions asked! - Islam and Islamism; which both contradict everything these hypocrites were supposed to have (once) stood for?

The debate on the BBC's The Big Questions:
*) There is a parodist of Mohamed Aswar on Twitter. Check it out:

*) Biography of Dr Matthew Goodwin (the posh academic-leftist guest facing Tommy on the other side in the video):
“Dr Matthew Goodwin is Associate Professor of Politics, and specialises in the areas of extremism, British and European politics, and public attitudes toward immigration and minorities. [Not Islamic or leftist (his own) extremism, of course.]
…. Matthew will be on a full-time secondment to the Department of Communities and Local Government...
…. [he studies] the drivers of anti-Muslim prejudice and public attitudes toward immigration more generally.
Institute for Community Cohesion (iCoCo), Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), .... Fabian Society, NothingBritish... and Hope Not Hate.

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