Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mehdi Hasan on the BBC's Breakfast programme

First posted: 12 November 2010

I was unfortunate enough to see the BBC’s Breakfast (Saturday) feature the vile IslamoLeftist Mehdi Hasan - Senior Politics Editor of the New Statesman. This is a disgrace. This man once called all non-Muslims kuffar and ‘cattle’. That video is still available. Of course he said that it was ‘taken out of context’ – that classic taqiyya riposte from all Muslims. The video shows that it was actually taken fully in context. Taqiyya cannot help Mehdi Hasan escape that truth.

This man is a complete Islamist. I have never heard anyone who is more of an Islamist than he is. However, he has managed to fuse his Islamism with Leftism, a tradition that goes back, at the least, to the formation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1920s. Since then, Islamists have been stealing or borrowing leftist terms and concepts with impunity. Then again, Communism is a religion; so that shared spirit shouldn’t really be a big surprise.

This man is also supremely smug and arrogant. Is that what editorial office does to you? Or was he smug and arrogant before he got his top job? He’s had a privileged background – Oxbridge (PPE) and probably public school, where he would have met other Islamists and budding Islamoterrorists. Oh, the Oppressed Muslims!The BBC having him on as a newspaper reviewer is equivalent to it having Nick Griffin or even a outright Nazi on. But Leftist and Islamist extremists are OK for the BBC. Not so if you are extreme but on the Right. You see even though Leftists are extreme, ‘their hearts are in the right place’ (as one Bradford Anglican minister said about UAF’s Weyman Bennett). As for Islamists like Hasan, they are Brown and Exotic. And that really excites BBC producers and other left-liberals. Dinner party material!

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