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Lauren Booth: Muslims good for UK

First posted: 14 February 2011

[Right: Lauren Booth posing next to a portrait of Hamas founder, and serial bomber/killer, Sheik Ahmed Yassin - a man well known as a murderer of Jews and other 'non-believers'... I couldn't find that image of Booth shopping at a mall in 'starving Gaza'. 
Also, if you take note of all the images of Lauren Booth wearing the hijab, you will see that her hair always escapes the hijab-covering in many places. I thought that the point of the hijab was to cover the hair and thus to keep the Muslim woman 'modest'. Does Booth, on the other hand, wear the hijab for the same reason that hundreds of UK students wear the Palestinian scarf - to be like the Oppressed Brown Exotic?]

You can't help thinking that Lauren Booth's improved lifestyle and behaviour, if that's what it is, has more to with her psychological need to be domineered by a religion - or a set of rules (or even a man) - than it has to do with Islam itself. And there is no more domineering religion that Islam. 
So, is that a good thing - complete domination/subjugation? Muslims and Lauren Both clearly think so. After all, Islam doesn't mean 'peace'. It is only the peace that is achieved once the whole world submits to Allah - or is subjugated by Allah. There's a lot more to the taqiyya cliche, 'Islam means peace', than Muslims ever tell non-Muslims... But that's always the case - isn't it?

Saturday, February 12, from the Press Association

Journalist Lauren Booth - sister of Mr Blair's wife Cherie - converted to Islam last year.

And she told a conference in Colchester, Essex, that since becoming a Muslim she was a "better worker" and a "better mother" to her two daughters.

She told the University of Essex's annual Islamic Conference that Britons were "seeking not to be afraid" of Muslims and wanted Muslims "to be happy".

Ms Booth was asked how Mr and Mrs Blair had reacted to her conversion and said: "My sister ... recognises that it is a great faith that people follow. Tony Blair is Tony Blair."

"If the number of British Muslims increases you should know it will be only good for the country," Ms Booth told the conference, in a lecture entitled My Journey to Islam.

"I am a better community person, I am a better worker, I am a better mother."

Ms Booth said she had been "scared" of Arabs, and "probably" of Muslims. She said that given the amount of "one-sided news" people absorbed it was hard for Britons not to be prejudiced.

But she told the conference, called Islam: Fear or Not to Fear, that British non-Muslims "wanted it to be OK".

"They are seeking not to be afraid of us," said Ms Booth. "The British people want us to be happy in their community. The British people are pretty good, you know. We all really want this to work."

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