Friday, 7 March 2014

Know Your Enemy. Know Islamic Taqiyya

In the video below there are some very nice examples of Islamic taqiyya
The Egyptian cleric says, as do many other Muslims, that Muslims don't kill unbelievers (you!)... at first! They firstly ask you to convert to Islam. That is very nice of them. However, if you don’t convert – then they kill you!
So when Muslims say that they don't kill unbelievers; what they really mean is that they give unbelievers a chance to convert to Islam before they kill them. However, some non-Muslims may get a slightly better deal even than that. If you don’t convert to Islam, you can, instead, convert to being a dhimmi and an Islamic jitza-payer (the tax on all non-Muslims in “Islamic lands”). That is, you can convert to being a non-citizen of an of an Islamic apartheid system. If you refuse that lovely offer, then Muslims will definitely kill you; as they have repeatedly done throughout history and up until this very day.
Taqiyya Islam - that is, all Islam - always plays with words and with nicely selected texts. For example,
"Jews are people of the book" -

I bet you’ve heard that one a few dozen times before! Yet the Jews of the book no longer exist according to Hezbollah, Hamas and millions upon millions of other Muslims. Either that - or both - or the Jews alive today have all defaulted on their own Book. Thus no Jew alive today is really a "people of the Book" to millions – maybe all – Muslims.
"There is no compulsion in Islam" = there is no compulsion until you refuse to convert to Islam (or become a “protected” dhimmi).
"To kill one person is as if to kill all people." 
That actually reads: 
"To kill one person, except for infamy in the land, is as if to kill all people.”
Just about anything could be classed as “infamy in the land” by Muslims. Just about everything has been classed as “infamy in the land” by Muslims!
In any case, the "all people" only refers to Muslims. In addition to all that. The phrase was stolen from a Judaic holy book in the first place.

Muslims lie on a massive scale and all the time - when advancing and protecting Islam. All of them! It is second-nature to them quite simply because it is actually a vital part of Islam. Muhammad himself lied for Islam (as shown in the Koran itself). The Koran encourages and endorses lying for Islam. And Muslims have been lying big time ever since.
If people don't realise this fundamental aspect of Islam and Muslim behaviour, then they will be individually hoodwinked and defeated, as well as being  hoodwinked and defeated as a group/people. 
Once you realise that Islam and lying go together, then everything becomes clear. That is, the massive contradictions and distortions in Islam - and by Muslims - become clear.
Know your enemy. Know Islamic taqiyya.

The video:

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