Saturday, 8 March 2014

Jack Straw MP on Muslim Groomers

First posted: 30th May, 2012

Jack Straw, a Blackburn Labour MP, once spoke out against Muslim men who had abused girls.

On BBC’s Newsnight he also said there was a ‘specific problem’ in some areas where Pakistani men ‘target vulnerable white girls’. He called on the Pakistani community to be ‘more open’ about the abuse.

No one was claiming that Muslims are the only people abusing women and girls. And of course there will be more white sex offenders than... Muslims in the UK because white males far outnumber Muslim or Pakistani males.

It is relative proportions which we must think about. There is a low proportion of Muslim child and women-abusing males compared against the whole population of male whites. However, we can see that proportionate to their numbers, Pakistani Muslims, and Muslims generally (there were non-Pakistani Muslim involved in Blackpool), commit these crimes far more than any other group proportionate to their complete numbers. It would almost be definitionally impossible for Muslims to abuse women and girls more than whites because Pakistan Muslims constitute a smaller social group in Blackpool and in the UK as a whole.

The MP, Keith Vaz, said it was wrong to ‘stereotype an entire community’ and a proper inquiry was needed. But Jack Straw wasn’t stereotyping 'Asians’ or anything like that. It certainly wasn’t a question of skin colour. He was specifically talking about Pakistani Muslims, not ‘all Asians’ and not even ‘all Muslims’.

This problem is ingrained. And it is so because it is ‘ingrained' in the Koran and later Islamic texts and also in Muslim actions/behaviour and culture.

There must be some reason for this obvious disproportionality. The EDL knows why. But Jack Straw never mentioned Islam (though he did mention Muslims). He daren’t mention Islam! Therefore his questions to Muslims - and others - will never gain a satisfactory answer because the truth, Islam’s misogyny, hatred of non-Muslims, etc. can never be discussed.

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