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Islam's Theology of Hatred of Jews & Judaism

Introduction: It’s all there in the Koran


Hamas, Hezbollah, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Anjem Choudary, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK) and all the other Islamists and Muslims on the planet have not distorted or perverted Islam in their hatred of the Jews and Judaism (let alone of Israel and Zionism). It’s all there is the Koran (as well as the hadiths and the Sunnah).

Take the Koran, 5:82: “Strongest
among men in enmity to the believers [Muslims] wilt though find the Jews…”

Jewish Idol-Worship, Jewish Blasphemy and the Jewish Distortion of the Book


There is one specific theological reason as to why millions of Muslims, both today and way back in Muhammad’s time, hate and hated both the Jews and Judaism itself, and that is the role of the angel Gabriel. In verses 2:97-8 of the Koran Allah declares that he is an enemy of those who are an enemy of the angel Gabriel. Islamic theology says that these enemies are the Jews.


On a similar tack there is also the Jewish “worship of idols” in the Koran and in Islamic theology. (Muslims also believe that Christians “worship the cross” as an idol not as a symbol or as a representation.) In Verse 51, ‘Women’ (of the Koran) Allah accuses the Jews of believing in ‘idols’ and even states that the Jews believed that idol-worship is superior to authentic Judaism and to the beliefs of any ‘true believer’. 


In Verse 2:96 of the Koran the Jews are explicitly called idolaters. Because of that idolatry, we have the precursor of both Hamas and Hezbollah ideology/theology, which, in the Koran, states that “of all people the most greedy for life – even more than the idolaters” are the Jews. (This is strange because the Koran has only just accused the Jews as being idolaters; so how could the Jews have been “worse than the idolaters”, as that Koranic passage states?) From this Jewish sin of being ‘greedy for life’, or of ‘loving life more than death’ according to both Hamas and Hezbollah, Jews developed the characteristic trait of cowardice. (This is strange when seen in the context of the Israeli state being “a Nazi state” and the Jews being “warlike”, “brutal”, “evil occupiers”, etc.)


The other great sin of the Jews is blasphemy. The obvious and most important case of Jewish blasphemy was their rejection of Muhammad and his words, as well as of Allah. However, the groundwork for such massive blasphemies had to be prepared by an Islamic theology which traces Jewish blasphemy right to the beginnings of Judaism and the times of ‘the people of Israel’.


When Hezbollah’s leader Nasru’llah stated that Allah “imprinted blasphemy on the Jews’ hearts” - he was of course being faithful to the Koran. Nasru’llah was being faithful to this and other Koranic passages: 


“They [the Jews] say our hearts are the wrapping (which preserve Allah’s word) nay Allah’s curse is on them for their blasphemy. Little is it they believe.” (Verse 88)

Because of their strong penchant for blasphemy, or even their racially-based “blasphemous nature”, the Koran castigates the Jews in the most virulent of ways:


“And abasement and poverty were pitched upon them [the children of Israel], and they were laden with Allah’s wrath; that because they had disbelieved the signs of Allah and slain the prophets unrightfully; that because they disobeyed, and were transgressors.” (2:58)

And the Koran goes on in this vain elsewhere:


“It is clear that whenever there comes to you a Messenger with what you yourselves desire not, you are puffed up with pride? Some you called imposters and others you slew.” (2:87)

You can find very many passages in the Koran which explicitly state that the Jews lied about - and distorted - their own Scriptures. (See Verse 40 of “The Crow” which is actually addressed to “the Children of Israel”.) Take Verse 42 which says that Jews had “covered the truth with falsehood… to conceal the truth” even when they “know [what it is]”. Verse 91 of “Cattle” pontificates thus:


“Say: Who then sent down the Book which Moses brought [Allah]? A light and guidance to man: But ye [the Jews] make it into [separate] sheets for show, while ye conceal much [of its contents].”

The Jews, in the Koran, are accused of changing the Book through their distortions and forgeries. For example, Verse 75 of “The Crow” states that “a party of them [the Jews] who had heard the word of Allah and perverted it knowingly after they had understood it”.


There’s more than that. In Verse 13 of “The Table” it is affirmed: “They [the Jews] change the words from the right places and forget a good part of the Message that was sent them.”


Of course, the correct words and the correct places, as well as the correct Message, is to be found in the Koran itself; something that the Jews, who lived before the creation of the Koran, could never have known, of course.


In Verse 2 of “the Cow” it is stated: “Is it not [the case] that every time they make a Covenant, some party among them throw it aside?”


For the Islamists today, then, the very fact, according to them as well as the Koran itself, that the Jews broke their own Covenant with Moses, betrayed their own prophets and defamed them in their holy books simply must mean that they had, and still have, a very strong level of animosity towards their own Prophet, Muhammad. They Jews today are simply remaining true to form. Hence the deep and obsessive Muslim hatred for the Jews. Hence their desire to annihilate the Jews.


Then there’s a final warning to the Jews:


“Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands [unlike the Koran, hear speaking about itself] and then say: ‘This is from Allah,’ to traffic with it for a miserable price!” (2:79)

The Bogus Distinction between the People of Israel and the Jews


A lot is made of the Jews transgressing from their own holy books. Yet at the very same time Muslims criticise the very same holy books the Jews were meant to have transgressed.

For example, millions of Muslims, not just Islamists or terrorists, say that the Torah and Talmud teach the Jews that they are “God’s Chosen people” and thereby it follows, to Muslims, that Jews must see Muslims as “their slaves”. (This is even though Jews have never had slaves and Muslims have had slaves since Muhammad’s time right up until this very day.) In a sense every religion – especially the monotheistic religions – has seen its followers as a chosen people even if they have never used the words “we are God’s Chosen people” (this is certainly true of Muslims). If a religion sees itself as having the absolute truth, as Islam does, then it follows that the believers of that absolute truth will see themselves, and be seen, as God/Allah’s chosen people even if not as “God’s Chosen People”.


One Muslim, Ali Fayyad (a Hezbollah academic), explains this pseudo-distinction between “the children of Israel” and “the Jews”. He believes that the Jews are the bastard children of the Children of Israel. That means that no Jew alive today is a child of “the Children of Israel”. Every Jew alive is an aberrant Jew. Not only now but also in the time of Muhammad. Not only in the time of Muhammad but also in the time of Jesus. Not only in the time of Jesus but even well before that. The Jews were aberrant from the very beginning.


So much so that Fayyad believes that today’s Jews, and the Jews of the time of Muhammad and well before, “are not the original People of the Book”. So the next time Muslims talk about Jews being “the People of the Book”, they aren’t actually talking about any living Jew or even any Jew who lived at the time of Muhammad and indeed well before Muhammad. (The phrase “the People of the Book” was invented during Muhammad’s time, a time when the phrase “the Children of Israel” had stopped being used. A time when the phrase “the Jews” was being circulated amongst Muslims.)


This distinction between “the People of the Book” (or “the Children of Israel”) and “the [Aberrant] Jews” is made flesh in the Koran itself. The Koran states: “Oh People of the Book! Ye have no ground to stand upon unless ye stand by the Torah…” 


Yet, as I’ve said, present-day Islamists criticise the Torah and the Talmud too! But that’s OK because so too does the Koran. So the Jews are castigated for transgressing the Torah – a book which millions of Muslims despise in the first place. Where is the logic or even the theology here? There is no logic or genuine theology in Islam.


I’ve already said that no Jew alive today is a true or genuine (non-aberrant) Jew. No Jew alive in Muhammad’s day and well before was a true or genuine Jew either. This is clear when one bears in mind the fact that Allah himself promised to ruin the lives of Jews for eternity – or “until the Day of Resurrection”.

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