Thursday, 13 March 2014

Islamic Terrorism Isn't About Islam?

Waltermorgan: “It seems that all religions have within them the possibility of prejudice, violence and repression and Islam is no exception even before the behaviour of Islamofascists is considered. … There can be little doubt that western support for Israel and support for brutes and dictators in Muslim lands is a major justifiable grievance. Murdering civilians with drones etc. in Muslim lands cannot be an answer and must stop. Israel must be brought to book and have to live within its original 1949 borders and then be at peace with its neighbours. Israel must treat its Arab population as equals. Money must be spent to improve the lot of the poor and deprived and who are not being cared for by their own governments. It simply is insufficient to put a few blokes from Birmingham in prison and chase assorted bands of Salafists out of one place they terrorise and into another.”

The writer says that all religions are capable of “prejudice, violence and repression”. Maybe. But with Islam “prejudice, violence and repression” are written into its Holy Book and the religious texts which followed it. It is there is the behaviour of the Prophet Muhammad himself – that “exemplar” who must be imitated. There is specifically “prejudice” in the Koran because it denigrates all “unbelievers”, as did Muhammad himself. There is “violence” because jihad, the Lesser Jihad, is essential in Islam and not just a peripheral by-product or something tagged on at the end. There is “repression” in Islam because sharia law is essentially repressive. And there is no Islam without sharia law.

He talks about the West’s support for Israel being a “justifiable grievance” for Muslims and the terrorists themselves. Israel is just the latest excuse for jihad. And terrorism is Islamic jihad in its modern form. How can Israel really be the prime reason for Islam’s 1,300 year-old Global Jihad? Think about it. Even the Muslim Brotherhood began its terrorist campaign roughly 25 years before Israel was created. And why weren’t there terrorist reactions to Egypt occupying Gaza between 1948 and 1967 or Jordan occupying the West Bank for the same period? Indeed the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists spent more time bombing and assassinating fellow Muslims than they did bombing and assassinating the kuffar.

Israel cannot “treat it Arab population as equal” if that population wants to annihilate Israel and indeed annihilate five million or so Israelis. And if this writer is talking about the Arabs actually living within Israel, well they have a better life and more freedom than Arabs have anywhere else in the Arab world. Sure, there may be prejudice and slight discrimination; but they have the vote, they have political parties and they can even run newspapers which call for the destruction of Israel. No Muslim or Islamic state on the planet gives their Muslim citizens as much freedom and welfare as that. In any case, there is zero equality in Muslim states; especially when it comes to Christian Dhimmis, gays and women. What has this writer to say about the massive lack of equality and the enforced apartheid in Muslim/Islamic states? Nothing!

It is absolutely clear what is driving the words of this commentator. It is a specific political take on the problems. It’s all about “poverty and politics”. He says it’s “insufficient to put a few terrorists from Birmingham in prison”. What’s his solution, exactly? Leave known killers on the streets? 

The problem is that his radical or leftist message is not matched by the terrorists he supports. They don’t want radical or revolutionary political/economic change – they want radical religious change. They want sharia law worldwide. No amount of leftist foot-manoeuvring or Marxist “analysis” will change that massive disjuncture between the Islamic beliefs of these terrorists and the leftism of this particular enabler of Islamoterrorism.

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