Sunday, 9 March 2014

Islamic sex-abuse & sex-abuse by men who happen to be Muslims

First posted: 16 February 2013

Very many Muslim men seem to have a penchant for using the language of sexual degradation & humiliation. Not just the working class ones (as above). The educated ones also think in similar ways but don't use the same crude language. E.g., the BBC's very own "Mo" Ansar seems to have an unhealthy obsession with "Western tarts" and white women who wear short skirts. (Think also here of the recent case of "Muslim Patrol" in London.)

Recently I noted that a certain case about a Muslim rapist and sex-abuser was given prominence on various Facebook pages.

It was the case of a Muslim rapist in Keighley (West Yorkshire) who also tried to abduct a ten-year-old girl as she played with friends. The rapist was jailed for eight years. The Judge in the case, David Hatton QC, told Khalid Mahmood, the rapist, that he took advantage of a vulnerable woman when he plied her with alcohol and raped her in Cliffe Castle Park in Keighley in March 2011.

But then I realised that there was nothing particularly – or clearly - Islamic or "Muslim" about this case. Indeed white sex-abusers and suchlike aren’t often included on these same Facebook pages. (Though sometimes white criminals are covered.)

Then there was the case of a black criminal. He too was featured. He wasn't an illegal immigrant or indeed an immigrant of any kind. He was a black Brit. So why was he featured when not every case of a white criminal is featured on the same pages? 

In fact the admin said: “Another example of glorious multiculturalism” – even though he wasn’t an immigrant and might even have been a black person who was brought up in completely “white” environment (like the musicians Tricky and Ms Dynamite). In other words, he was featured not because he was a criminal – but because he was a black criminal. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I lived in the Keighley of the earlier Muslim rapist for eight years. I have some interesting stories about Muslims-as-groups indulging in sex-abuse and violence. (Thank God Kris Hopkins, MP for Keighley and Ilkley, has had the nerve to speak out about these scum.)

However, some sex crimes just happen to be committed by Muslims; just as they can be committed by non-Muslims. So why feature Muslims at all? Despite saying that, there are reasons why we should focus on the religion of Muslim offenders.

In the case of Muslims it is often the case of massive and frequent Muslim-community-abuse (as well as Muslim-community-grooming) done by many Muslim men who are related to each other, who live next-door to each other, visit the same mosques, etc. This is a cultural, social and ultimately religious (Islamic) phenomenon. 

That is, not only do Muslim women have an inferior status in Muslim communities and indeed in Islamic theology. If you square that with Islam’s hatred of the kuffar; and square that again with the added intensity of the hatred of women/girl kuffar, then you have a strong and convincing explanation as to why there is so much Muslim-community-abuse and Muslim-community-grooming.

But, again, I still don't like blacks and Asians being featured just because they're black or Asian. 
As I said, though, Muslim-community-abuse is massively different and it is also very new. In these group- or community-crimes, we can easily see that it is Islam – or Islam’s misogyny squared with its hatred of “unbelievers” (especially women) – which accounts for much of what happens in these cases.

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