Friday, 7 March 2014

Islam Encourages & Rationalises Sexual Grooming

Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course whites and non-Muslims groom teenage girls. But do they systematically do so in gangs that are joined together because of the members' religion? No.

Do they systematically seek out girls who aren’t members of their own religion? No.

Do their brothers, uncles, etc. also commit these grooming offences with them? No.

Do white guys and non-Muslims have a religion which legitimises such acts and provides them with many examples of what they are doing in their holy book?No.

Let me explain. In the Koran, and throughout Islamic history, Muslims have believed that they deserved ‘booty’ when they had conquered non-Muslims or even when they are just in the company of non-Muslims. There are many examples of such ‘booty’ in the Koran. Often these non-Muslim women (‘booty’) became outright slaves but often they were just raped.

Being kuffar, Muslim men saw them as being less than human - the ‘daughters of pigs and monkeys’, as they also called Jews, or 'cattle', as Mehdi Hasan of the New Statesman put it. If the kuffar is hated, then kuffar women are hated even more. After all, many Muslims hate Muslim women because even though they are Muslim, as woman they are still only ‘half of a man’ (in law, in marriage, etc.).

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