Saturday, 8 March 2014

Islam and the Oxford Groomers

First posted: 21st May, 2013

The other day we heard that the mother of two Oxford Muslim groomers blamed their young victims. She said that the schoolgirls “should have been playing with toys”. She then defended her sons – Akhtar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31 – and claimed they were innocent after they were found guilty of a many offences last week.

The fact that the mother of two of the Oxford Muslim groomers blames the victims is absolutely no surprise. 

i) Her sons, too, will blame the victims. 
ii) Islamic doctrine itself blames the victims
iii) In Muslim countries, especially the home-country of these Pakistani groomers, the authorities nearly always blame the victims. (In fact, rape victims are often punished and imprisoned in Pakistan; as well as most other Muslim countries.)

So it’s no wonder that we have a Muslim sex-grooming crisis in the UK because Muslim men feel absolutely no guilt about what they are doing. Thus it will continue. And, equally, many non-Muslims will continue to diagnose the problem in the wrong way.

All this disregards the fact that Islam itself legitimises and endorses the abuse of non-Muslim women, as can be seen in the Koran and the hadiths, as well as in the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Islam is part of the problem here and it adherents are clashing violently with our culture and traditions. It’s about time we came down hard on these people and their Islamic traditions.

In the Koran, more specifically, there is rampant sex slavery and concubinage. Slavery and sex slavery has continued in the Muslim world until this very day. Not only that. There is the notion in Islam of “booty”. Muslim men can basically help themselves to all infidel “booty” – even if that booty is the female infidel. 

It may seem strange to bring religion into this debate. However, most Muslims aren’t like most English Christians. Even these Muslim hooligans will have been fed the Koran on an almost daily basis – especially when young. Even Pakistani thugs like this will have read the Koran very many times. Indeed they will take succour from it in order to legitimise and endorse their corrupt endeavours with young “unbelievers”. 
The problem is that we non-Muslims often judge Muslims by our own standards. We cannot even comprehend how deeply Islam affects these groomers because most of us are hardly affected at all by religion. We can hardly comprehend their hatred for the kuffar because we have been bred to be tolerant and respectful of those of other faiths.

All this is strange. In our culture, the PC 'hegemony' tells us to respect “the Other” and appreciate “Difference”. Yet when Muslims truly are the Other, and really are Different, we deny them that true difference and that true Otherness and cry, ‘But they’re really just like the rest of us.’ No. Most Muslims aren’t just like the rest of us because Islam is nothing at all like either Christianity or like any of our secular traditions. 

It’s about time we truly realised that Islam and many Muslims really are examples of Difference.

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