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How to Islamise the UK Education System

First posted: 13th April, 2013

“Faith campaigners” – that is, religious campaigners – that is, Muslim campaigners - have demanded that the Government include more Muslim/Islamic history in the national curriculum.

This Islamisation of the UK education system is rationalised in this way. The Muslim campaigners have argued that by including more – and more! – Islamic history in the UK education system this will be a way of engaging young Muslims pupils and students. Of course it will! That’s because Islam makes Muslims see just about everything – or literally everything! – through an Islamic prism. Why do I say that? Because Muslims say that.

The Government, as ever, has given in – or is in the process of giving in. In February the Department of Education published a draft specification of a new history syllabus which is “currently under consultation”.
Muslims want more that; as they always do. Muslims aren’t happy with that; as they never are. 

The campaign group Curriculum for Cohesion – that is, the Curriculum for Islamisation- backed by the Muslim Council of Britain (part of the Muslim Brotherhood, as is Hamas and the autocratic leaders of Egypt), says that the draft curriculum " excludes all reference to Muslims and Islam" and are urging teachers and members of the public to appeal to the government before the consultation ends next week.

Of course teaching Islamic/history alone is not strictly speaking Islamisation. But, as with the Islamisation slippery slope generally, Muslims in the UK take a one-step-at-a-time approach. In Muslim schools, on the other hand, the teaching itself is Islamic; not just the chosen subjects (such as “Islamic/Muslim history”). The way Muslim/Islamic history is taught in non-Muslim state schools will be vastly different to how the same subject is taught in Islamic/Muslim schools.

Even if Islamic/Muslims schools follow the national curriculum, there is still nothing to stop them, over and above the national curriculum, from Islamising education, or education-methods, itself. And this has been shown to be the case, by numerous British journalists.

It was only a matter of time for this to happen.

This is the part of the slippery slope that is Islamisation.

If Muslims called for total Islamisation of the UK – or parts thereof - over night, they wouldn't, of course, get it. Only buffoons like Angie Choudary demand that. Instead, the CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood/Islamist-Trotskyist ("taking over the hegemonic institutions") approach is far, far more effective.

If you take one step at a time, then our left-liberal and leftist leaders, as well as the Conservatives in power, will not notice anything strange or extreme. But given time, and given even larger Muslim numbers, one day even Bob Pitt, Hope Not Hate, the SWP-UAF and David Cameron will realise that many parts of the UK are effectively run according to Islamic law  - according to sharia law. But by then, of course, it will be too late. And, of course, Cameron will be out of power. So why would he care?

Never mind, eh?

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