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Halal For All in Harrow!

First posted: 7 August 2010

Parent and animal welfare groups in Harrow reacted in anger yesterday over plans to serve only halal meat in local schools.

All 10 secondary schools in this area will now be providing an exclusively halal-meat menu for all school children – whether they like it not. To top that: eventually all the borough’s 52 primary schools will be included in this ‘scheme’ in the Islamification of north-west London. This is a very large liberty the council has taken on behalf of Islam. I hope everyone realises the utter audacity and Islamo-supremacist intent of this scheme.

The move has also outraged animal rights groups and families who claim that their views on the treatment of animals were being compromised to accommodate the Muslim faith. So again, Islam trumps other belief systems. So again, the sensitivities and beliefs of Muslims trump the sensitivities and beliefs of others.

Yet leftists and left-liberals still have the nerve to claim that there are no such processes of Islamification going on in this country. They cannot change their tune here by saying, like Mohammed Rizvi, that this policy is ‘commonsense’ or that it is not an important change. That is just to change the goal posts or shift the nature of the argument. If you’re an animal-rights activist, or someone who simply cares about animal suffering, then this new policy is neither commonsensical nor unimportant.

This is as perfect an example as one can get of the Islamification of the United Kingdom. It is a case which could have been designed to exemplify the problem and reality that is the Islamification of a hitherto non-Muslim country. So it’s no surprise at all that Mohammed Rizvi, of the Pakistan Society of Harrow, should say that this ‘isn’t about Islamification or pandering to Muslims’. Methinks that Mr Rizvi doth protest too much, eh? After all, the Islamifier is not going to confess to an attempt, which in this case has been successful, to Islamify part of the Abode of War (Dar al-Harb).

This is also a blatant example of the denial of choice. What about the beliefs of those who don’t believe in halal meat? Why is their strong moral position deemed irrelevant or secondary to that of Muslims? Is it because religious beliefs always trump non-religious beliefs? Is it also because monotheistic religions always trump the beliefs of other religions? And, finally, is it the case that Islam, the religion of the Colonial Oppressed and of the Brown Exotic, always manages to pull the strings of politically-correct council leaders? Vive le difference!

What if some poor little kid doesn’t like the idea of animals being slowly bled to death in order to provide him with beef or whatever? Perhaps he should construct his own beliefs against ritual slaughter and construct them into a religion and then perhaps councillors may start to take him seriously. Perhaps he should also paint himself brown and give himself a foreign name, say ‘Mohammed’.

According to the 2001 census, just seven per cent of Harrow’s population are Muslim. That doesn’t matter because minorities rule. Or according to leftist or PC councils they do! They are ‘the oppressed’. They are the Other. Therefore what they believe is true and what they do is right. Full stop. We must simply follow the example of the Brown Exotic and the Oppressed.

Let me give you an example which is also a succinct history lesson.

The left, on the whole, supported Israel before the 1967 war. It suddenly stopped supporting Israel after 1967 – when Israel had won the war with its genocidal Islamic neighbours. Israel quickly moved from being ‘oppressed’, and thus from being righteous, to being the oppressor, and thus evil.

Believe me, this is how the minds of the PC vice police and the left work. It is brutally simple and it’s the oppressive majority that always suffer for it. We must also realise that these privileged and university-educated professionals don’t see themselves as part of the majority or as belonging to the oppressor-class. How they manage that piece of self-delusion I don’t know.

These PC individuals have infiltrated and controlled our society to such a degree that everyone is basically frightened of them and their puritan strictures. Yet halal is even condemned by the RSPCA and the Government’s veterinary advisers. However, leftist and PC councils and left-liberal civil servants also see the Government as the Oppressor even though they are just as much part of the Establishment as they are.

Take these examples of the PC Establishment imposing their views and ideologies on the majority. Take Steve Hilton of Harrow, a quality assurance technologist, who said:

“I think animals should be killed humanely. The problem is, if I didn’t allow my children to eat halal, I would be called a racist but people should have a choice.”

 And another inhabitant of Harrow who said:

“I don’t mind people having dietary requirements as long as they don’t force it on someone else. I wouldn’t force a Muslim to eat pork.”

Thus we can see here that a specific political ideology, political correctness, is literally being force-fed on the populace – on the majority. And we are letting it happen.

Ritual Slaughter Itself

 But what exactly is the reality of ritual slaughter? For a start, each year more than 114 million cows, goats and chickens are killed under halal rules in Britain. Halal is exempt from legislation requiring animals to be numbed before slaughter. Will this also be true of cliterodectomy or polygamy in the near future? Who knows!

More specifically, the Government’s Farm Animal Welfare Council found that animals could remain fully conscious for up to two minutes during halal slaughter. It has therefore called for all animals to be stunned before slaughter.

Despite all this, parents in Harrow said they had not been consulted. Cheryl McGlone, 40, whose two sons go to one of the borough’s schools, said:

“If my sons found out how the animals had been killed there’s no way they’d want to eat it.”

Nick Seaton, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, also said:

“Forcing the majority to accept the customs of a minority is obviously wrong.”

 So what is the future for Harrow and beyond? A council spokeswoman said: “All Harrow’s high schools are to serve halal meat from September.”

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