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Excuses & cop-outs on the grooming gangs

First posted: 30th January, 2011


Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus has informed us that thirty Muslim men have been arrested in the space of two months in the Bradford area by police investigating child sex grooming. Kris Hopkins, the Conservative MP for Keighley and Ilkley, said:

“Across the Bradford district, at this moment in time, 30 people have been arrested in the last two months and there are on-going cases."

The MP was speaking to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, which has started an inquiry into child grooming, after scandals in Rochdale and Rotherham.

You may remember that Mr Hopkins triggered a row when he stated that gangs of Muslim men were “going round and raping white kids”. And, as before, he said that the Pakistani community should “come to terms” with the problem.

The question is: have they? Almost immediately after the police, etc. came clean on all this, the obfuscations began.

One argument now often heard is that "it's a Pakistani, not a Muslim, problem". Bullshit! They are mainly Pakistanis for one very simple reason: most Muslims in the UK - by far - are Pakistanis. So Pakistanis are BOUND to be the main Muslim offenders. Despite that, Kurdish, Somalian, other North African, Turkish and other Muslims have also been involved.

The other argument is that "they're all young lads" so it’s an “irresponsibility”-argument. Bullshit again! Many of the perpetrators have been in their 30s and 40s. In fact some of them (sometimes their uncles and even granddads) have been in their 50s and 60s.

What other obfuscation of the true nature of Islam will we hear next I wonder?
But a while ago, in March 2012, it seemed that - at last! - the relevant agencies in Bradford had finally accepted the existence of a Muslim ‘sexual grooming’ problem in the city. But that acceptance had to come along with a will and the means to do something about it. And can that really be done without accepting - or even thinking about - the Muslim/Islamic nature of these things?

The reason that this huge problem (in Bradford and throughout England - especially the North West) has not be accepted as a problem, let alone acted upon, is the political correctness, or leftist/liberal-leftist, attitude to Muslim sexual grooming. Or, in other words, the fact that virtually all ‘grooming gangs’ in Bradford, as elsewhere, are Pakistanis as well as Muslims.

The only reason why Bradford’s politically-correct Great and Good finally responded in this way was because external groups (to the council, etc.), such as Barnados, had had the courage and conviction to tell it as it is - and thus be able to do something about it.

Even Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus finally decided to at least raise a few questions. Or, more correctly, the editor didn’t - but Jim Greenhalf did. He wrote an interesting piece on the grooming and child-exploitation scandals which had swept the north west of England and beyond.

Greenhalf even mentioned the English Defence League (EDL). He said, to be exact, that the EDL has ‘underlined the point’ that ‘those convicted in Keighley and Greater Manchester are Muslims’. I hope he wasn’t sacked for this acknowledgement of the EDL. After all, this wasn’t support for the group; only a statement of fact. That fact being that before the police and social workers have seen the error of their Islamophiliac ways, only the EDL had had the guts to say what was going on with Muslim grooming and exploitation of specifically non-Muslim girls.

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