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Evil Islam blamed for Muslim sex gangs

First posted: 18th January, 2011

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17th January 2011, by Jerry Lawton, Chief Crime Correspondent
Anjem Choudary has been quick to shift blame for Muslim sex gang attacks onto the evils of British culture. [Rape or 'booty' is written into the fabric of Islam and the Koran. It isn't the consequence of 'evil Britain'. Islam spread its dirty seed by rape ('booty') and pillage - as it is still doing today.]
The intolerant Islamic cleric sparked fury by saying the mobs’ rape attacks on white schoolgirls were not the fault of Pakistanis or Muslims.

He said those responsible had been corrupted by the vices of western society. [Islamic Pakistan has one of the largest rape rates in the world. But this is largely hidden because Islam does not recognise rape - especially the rape of non-Muslim girls and Women.

Rape = jihad, just as we also have a Muslim Narco-Jihad in our town and cities.
Muslim men are allowed to rape non-Muslims because in the Koran they are called 'cattle' - something which was reiterated recently, see the YouTube video, by the New Statesman's Islamoleftist, Mehdi Hasan.]
His comments came after the caging of a nine-strong gang for more than 40 years in total for abusing dozens of girls as young as 12 in Derby.Among them was Abid Saddique, 27, jailed for 11 years, who went hunting for his victims in a car he dubbed the “Rape Rover”.

And last month five gangsters were jailed for 32 years for abusing girls aged 13 to 16 in Rotherham, South Yorks.

All the Rotherham gangsters and most of the Derby mob were British-born Pakistani Muslims. But western society-hating Choudary, 43, from east London, said it was all the fault of British moral values.

He said: “We are aware in the Muslim community that some people have lost their Islamic identity and they have basically merged into the habits and customs of the general populace.

“The fact is if these people are not practising they may become involved in drugs and alcohol. That does not make it a Muslim issue or a Pakistani issue.

“If people get involved in that, that is the scourge of the society in which we live.

“If you take someone from Zimbabwe and you put him here and he grows up in this country he is going to start binge drinking, taking drugs and going to parties.

“When they talk about the issue of grooming young girls, prostitution and those gangs, the prisons are full of white inmates committing such crimes.

“The fact some so-called Pakistanis and Bengalis are involved should not be a surprise.

“But to say this is the problem and these are the ones grooming white girls is trying to tap into the racial undertones people may have.”

Choudary even bragged that prostitution, pimping and mixing freely with the opposite sex were prohibited in Islam.

“How can you lay the blame at the table of Islam and the Muslims?” he said.

“We would never do anything like that. It is not allowed in Islam.’’ [Not only is it allowed in Islam, it has been encouraged - historically speaking.]
As we revealed last week, since 1997 there have been 17 prosecutions for on-street grooming of girls by gangs of men.

Out of 56 convictions, 53 were Muslim and three were white.

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