Friday, 7 March 2014

Death in Pakistan: Interfaith in the UK

Muslims kill and persecute non-Muslims on a massive and systematic scale in Muslim countries. Yet here in the UK many Muslims pretend to be into interfaith, tolerance and whatnot. It's all one big deceit.
Fact: the killing of Christians is on the rise in Islamic countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria and Egypt. This is according to various human rights groups. The Vatican has also said that 100,000 Christians are being killed each year.
One organisation and website, Persecution.Org, says that about 200 million Christians currently live under persecution, particularly in countries such as Egypt, Pakistan and Nigeria. The organisation also said that the first major killing sprees happened between 1998 and 2003, when 10,000 Christians were murdered in Indonesia alone.
This group added that the persecution of Christians have also been on the rise in places such as Africa and the Middle East over the last decade.
A Vatican spokesman, Monsieur Silvano Maria Tomassi, has also said that a research has revealed that an estimate of more than 100,000 Christians are killed on an yearly basis.
Tomassi also said that Christians are subjected to forced displacement, destruction of their places of worship, rape and the abduction of their leaders.
The United States Government has noted all this. The State Department's Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Jane Zimmerman, said that numerous cases in recent years have shown Christians being attacked or killed on account of their religious beliefs.
Pakistan is a particularly bad case; which is very ironic because there are over a million Muslims of Pakistani heritage who live here in the UK.  For example, there was a series of attacks on Christians living in Pakistan. One such case occurred in March this year when Muslims attacked a Christian neighbourhood in Lahore, where more than 100 houses were burned to the ground.

But what of this huge anomaly between how Muslims act - on the whole, that is - here in the UK (as well as in in Europe generally and the United States), and how they act in virtually every Muslim country?
Of course most members a minority religion will talk about tolerance and interfaith while a minority. But when Muslims are the majority, they tend to kill and persecute and they do systematically throughout the world today.
All this is best explained by 'the example of the Prophet' himself. 
Ever wondered about those nice and tolerant passages, from the Koran, which Muslims often quote at you? You know; the passages which certainly don’t need to be 'taken in context' or ‘interpreted’. (Only the violent, nasty and hateful passages, which are far more numerous, need to be seen ‘in context’ or be ‘interpreted’.) These passages were all spoken or written when Muhammad and his fellow Muslims were a weak minority in Arabia. Thus they had to use Islamic taqiyya about 'interfaith' (though obviously that word wasn’t used at that time) and tolerance. Such sweet words were required for simple reasons of survival.
Nevertheless, when Muhammad and his followers gained the requisite power and numbers, all that lovey-dovey stuff changed almost overnight. Then the Islamic killing spree began. It has continued ever since. That’s a killing spree of around 1,400 years; with, of course, a few intermissions in certain places and at certain times (which Interfaith Muslims overstress whenever they can).

Not only all that. All Muslims know that those early nice and peaceful passages in the Koran were all 'abrogated' (rejected and substituted) precisely because they were a product of Muslim weakness. Nonetheless, don’t expect Muslims to tell you this at interfaith meetings or in the pages of the Guardian. Why not? It’s because Islamic taqiyya is also something many Muslims practice simply because Muhammad frequently practiced it. Indeed the Koran says that Allah himself is ‘the greatest deceiver'.
So it's all there for people to see. You can see it in the Koran; in the history of Islam; in the life of Muhammad; and, indeed, in what Muslims are doing to non-Muslims throughout the world today. If only Western Leftists and Liberals, and David Cameron too, would look and these facts and realities instead of playing obscene and foolish games with both the British people and with Muslims themselves.

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